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The same two KO animations?

So far every single KO i see ends in the same two wierd unnatural stiff animations either they lay stiff like a board on their back or they fall stiff into this wierd fetal position on their side. Literally the same two animations over and over in ever ko i see. It wasnt like that in the beta so why is it like that in the full game? Why not just keep the ragdoll physics??? The new ko animations need to be fixed asap.


  • Yes thank you! The outcry from people about this has been overwhelming. Even when UFC 3 was released they said they fixed the ko's but they didn't end up looking anything like the video they put out when the patch was applied. I've played the beta as well for UFC 4 and the ko's just feel so unrewarding and robotic with the same animation. That should be the highlight of the fight and without ragdoll I end up skipping most of the replays since I already know what's going to happen because I've seen the same animation a million times. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills and I want to pull my hair out because they've so blatantly ignored the overall community and they're not addressing this problem whatsoever! They need to fix it or at least give a reason why they haven't taken the time to properly 🎃🎃🎃🎃 this over the last 3 years since the release of UFC 3 🤦🏻‍♂I just can't justify buying this game when there's such a glaring problem here. I've even gone back to playing UFC 2 because UFC 3 is getting so stagnant.
  • Edit to the comment above, not sure how the 4 hearts got put in there that was weird but I'm sure my point came across.
  • EA admin here is aware and let the EA Dev know already.

    But honestly that's the EA game changers user job to do that too. They are fan just like us. They need to give feed back to the Dev. Not just have a good time and playing.

    If these changes are not done by launch day. DO NOT JUST BLAME DEV ONLY. Blame the game changer community for not giving their finish feedback to DEV like they are suppose to do.
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