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Fight shorts color change?

So out of all the videos i have seen of UFC 4 recently, i have yet to see if you are able to choose the color of your fight shorts after choosing your fighter. the feature wasn't there on the beta, and it would be weird if it isn't on the final game.


  • @EA_Blueberry any confirmation on if we are able to choose our fight trunks colors ? At least from silver,black, champion, and home colors?
  • no you cant change your fighters shorts color it really sucks that that kind if small thing can take away from the game but it does overall UFC 4 is a HUGE!!!!!!!! DISAPPOINTMENT sadly I have been looking forward to this game for a long long time get it together EASports
  • They need to add this feature BAD!! It really sucks when you get 2 fighters in the same colour or when fighting as champion your opponent also shows up in black trunks
  • SkynetUFC (Dev) said that "they are aware of that" , so i think we can expect it to be addressed. Don't know when...
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