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Just bring the rag doll KO's back.

If they brought rag doll KO's back this game would be alot better. I am already tired of seeing the same two knockout animations from the EA game changers gameplay. I understand UFC 2's ragdolls were a little silly sometimes but they could turn that down but honestly id rather have the KO's be ridiculous looking sometimes over seeing the same two KO animations over and over and over. Sad that the UFC undisputed series still have better KO animations than the EA UFC games. UFC 2 had the best out of the EA games but they took them away even tho it was arguably the best part of UFC 2.


  • The game Changer community should give their final input to the Dev to take it out.
  • I agree they need to change the knockouts on UFC 4 they look robotic and unrealistic,
  • Sometimes i get really nice ko's in ufc 4 i think it depends how u play if u dodge like 3 punches then hit them during the 4th it looks great.Would it look better with rag doll most likely r they gonna add it not likely

    I find the knockdowns look the best the ones leading to tko's they need to add some of those animations to the ko.

    If u play like a weirdo smashing buttons trying desperately to get a ko ya its gonna look ugly
  • Fans beg for normal content . Shame shame .. Ko , tko , sub , décision . That should be in all ufc ea . They don’t do what we want . Pride strike force .. we vgot Bruce lee stage against lions . Many years of improvement for the worst final result . I can’t buy this game yet . First time I’m not enthusiastic for the release . They flopped it . Let’s be honest . All news things are disappointing except new clinch system
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