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Striking additions for UFC 4

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First of all, I’m loving the gameplay in 4. It feels so much better than 3 already. I want to make that clear ahead of time, so it doesn’t seem as If I’m complaining about the game. I just have a few move suggestions that I think would be nice to have.. One common move used often in MMA missing from the game that I think players would benefit from having is the low calf kick. The low calf kick is super prominent, and super effective in today’s MMA scene. Guys like Edson Barboza, Justin Gaethje, and Jeremy Stephens are killers with the low calf kick. I’m not sure what modifier you would use to make this work, but I think it would be a really nice addition to the moves arsenal. One move that seems to be new to UFC 4, or at least new to me, is the sprinting hooks you can throw. It reminds me of the blitzing hooks that Masvidal throws, like the one he knocked Darren Till out with. I think this is a really nice addition to the striking, but I think the actual strike needs to flow with your sprint a little bit better and be a little quicker. Right now it feels like you sprint(which already seems kind of unresponsive in itself) and then your fighter almost has to make a complete stop before they can throw the shot you inputted. Which leads you to getting caught on the way in a lot. Blitzing strikes from the outside like that could be a superrr useful feature for shorter fighters trying to make their way inside if it works correctly. It’s a nice feature to have though. It could be great for managing range, I just think that it needs a little tweaking. Another thing that I think would be great to have is upkicks when you’re laying on your back. Think Niko Price vs. James Vick. Obviously they aren’t something you would see often, but they would be sick to see in game and could make for some crazy momentum shifts in game. One last thing I think would be sick is. it would be awesome if there was a way to really pour it on people when you have them hurt. Just like you see guys do all the time irl when they have a guy hurt, so they just swarm them with shots and either back them into a corner or drop them. Instead of choppy combinations when someone’s rocked it would be sick to have the option to choose between picking our shots or just throwing high volume punches and kicks until they drop or until we’re too drained. Just like real life. That would make guys like the Diaz bro’s so much more fun and realistic to play with. I don’t know how possible it would be to add any of this at this point in the game, but maybe someone of importance will see this and make it happen down the line or in a future game. Lol. Loving the way 4 looks and feels thus far! 🤙
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