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UFC 4 Fighter Likeness Updates

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The Devs have already addressed that there is an issue with the character models in the game this year, and have been addressing it based on community feedback. According to their post Felder, Cowboy, Costa, Dillashaw, and Wonderboy will be addressed on day one. That’s a solid start, but what I wanted to do was make a thread of character models/postures/skills that need adjusting for the devs to look at for future updates. I obviously won’t know all of them so leave any thing you see fit down in the comments! One issue that seems to be pretty consistent in the models is with guys who are pretty skinny having to much muscle mass. Like Zabit or Tim Means. The other consistent issue with the models seems to be guys who are jacked in real life not having quite enough muscle mass or definition. Like Kamaru Usman, Yoel Romero, or Tyron Woodley. Except Anthony Joshua? His body model is almost perfect. Wish they used that for the other big guys. Lol. So, In a general sense the muscle mass and definition needs to be addressed throughout. But, Here are some direct examples of character models that I think need updated:

Edson Barboza, Zabit Magomedsharipov, Tim Elliot, Mike Perry, Alistair Overeem, Eddie Wineland(the stache!) Rafael Dos Anjos, Derek Brunson, Henry cejudo

There are also some postures/stances that don’t really resemble the fighter that well, the main one that comes to mind is Sean O’Malleys new posture in 4. Another thing is some skills/animations that belong on certain fighters. Here’s some examples of Fighter Postures/skills for update:

Sean O’Malley- As mentioned Sean needs a posture/stance change. the one that he had in 3 looked much better. Also, his signature kicks from last year were removed.

Lyoto Machida- Add Stephen Thompson‘s signature blitz combo Animation. Add Stephen Thompson’s kick animations.

Nick Diaz- Add Justin Gaethje’s signature striking defense animation

Another likeness issue is that not all Of the legends seem to have gotten the “legend” treatment. Meaning they don’t all seem to represent the “prime” version of that fighter. The ones that come to mind are Big Nog, Rashad, Wanderlei, and Nick Diaz(who isn’t even listed as a legend currently.) We need the young Axe murderer wanderlei! Shredded, with hair, the Vale tudo shorts. Full pride Wanderlei. Same with Big Nog if he’s gonna be a legend, use prime Nog. Back in Pride. Rashad’s also seems to resemble him towards the end of his career rather than him in his prime. When he still had hair, and was still jacked. Lol. Also, while we’re here, if Cro Cop comes back this year(🤞) then please bring him back as the old Pride Cro Cop! It’s all little stuff, but it would just make the nostalgia experience of it that much better for the fans of the sport playing the game.

The last issue, which is a small issue, is the inconsistencies with fight gear. This is understandable as fighters are constantly changing their gear. My idea to fix this would be to implement an edit roster feature like madden or fifa have, set to where you can customize things like short style, short colors, ankle wraps things like that on the existing fighters in the game like you would a CAF. That way we can still keep their look up to date with real life. Again, small details, but I really think it would help improve the realism of it. If anyone reads this, thanks! Lol. And, feel free to add anything else that you think fits the discussion. A character model, posture, skill to add to somebody, etc!
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