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Technical and Visual Issues With UFC 4(Updated 9-5-2020)

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After playing through the Career Mode myself during the ten hour trial and watching major YouTubers, there are a number of major technical and visual issues that need to be addressed immediately:


*Besides number 1, all of the other issues are not in order of importance; but rather what came to mind at that time.

1. I came across one game-breaking bug during my time with the beta:

During a match as both fighters were heading to their corners, the game completely froze and I was forced to restart the match.

While this bug only occurred once, I felt it necessary to bring it up.

2. KO animations STILL look terrible(I think this is obvious at this point)

3. The Camera frequently bugs out whenever the fight takes place on the ground, this occurs both during matches and in sparring sessions.

4. Fighter's limbs frequently glitch in awkward positions during replays.

5. Takedowns appear to be bugged in Career Mode, many YouTubers such as: Martial Mind, DmanUnit, and Bayliun, have all pointed out that they have no issues denying takedowns in online matches; but they are incredibly difficult to deny in Career Mode(maybe they're over tuned?)

6. The various t-shirt/long sleeve top cosmetics all have a wierd bulkiness to them towards the bottom of the fabric, making it appear as though the fighter has awkwardly wide Hips.

7. The CPU on Moderate difficulty(possibly on lower difficulties as well?) occasionally just move backwards or side to side refusing to engage the player.

8. After gaining Over Under Clinch from sprawl, the player is unable to move or transition; they can only move backwards to break free.

9. The Tale of the Tape shows fighters in the opposite corners from where they start in a match.

10. Thumbstick inputs still linger on screen after completing sparring sessions.

11. No Evolution Points are gained after matches(which makes no sense)

12. Fighters occasionally glitch out when falling to the canvas after getting knocked down, resulting in fighters winding up in awkward positions.

13. Attacking a falling opponent after a KO occasionally results in glitched limbs during replays.

14. The Referee still doesn't always physically pull a fighter off of a downed opponent during a KO.

15. The Referee takes far too long to stand fighters up during a stalemate on the ground, resulting in long periods of transition spamming in order to try and force being stood up.

16. Weekly points don't always reset back to 100 when transitioning to the next week, often times capping at 95.

17. Some sparring sessions have an invisible cage which looks awkward as fighters are pressed up against nothing.(so far this only pertains to wrestling)

18. Peak fitness takes too long to reach, this is especially true for 6 week training camps.

19. Sparring sessions occasionally give the player challenges that they can't complete due to not having the necessary: strike, grappling technique, or Submission.(These should be based on the fighter's chosen discipline or archetype)

20. There are STILL far too many knockdowns and not enough clean KO's.

21. Fighters can still move faster going backwards when rocked, than the fighter pressing forward trying to get the KO.

22. STILL no TKO/Doctor stoppages.

23. Some CAF Head and Body types look really awkward and unrealistic(some are even re-used assets from UFC 3) which STILL look terrible.

*Can we please get some realistic Head and Body types for our CAFs? Some of us don't enjoy making abominations, and prefer to make our CAFs as realistic looking as possible. Thanks.

24. Fighter emote animations take too long to play out, or are suggested after the match has already started(which makes no sense as they don't play when selected.)

25. Fighter's Arms glitch through the opponent's Head when in the Clinch.

26. Fighter limbs glitch behind their Back when knocked down(this is STILL an issue in UFC 3)

27. Fighters appear in the opposite corners just before a match starts.

28. Loading Screens use Old UFC 3 fighter models for: McGregor, Masvidal, and Cerrone.

29. Players are forced to wait for the opponent to put them into closed guard when postured up, instead of being able to posture back down themselves(this doesn't make any sense.)

30. Sparring partners on "Hard" Difficulty and above make completing challenges almost impossible as they deny everything the player attempts instantaneously(the CPU is clearly over tuned here.)

31. Heavy Bag striking animations need serious work, as the player's: Wrists, Legs, and Arms frequently bend in awkward positions( someone could seriously injure themselves if they threw strikes like this in real life.)

32. Heavy Bag strikes frequently don't count towards challenges, even after solid connection with the bag.

33. Heavy Bag strikes frequently knock the player backwards after landing, causing subsequent strikes to miss the Heavy Bag completely.

34. Takedowns frequently freeze during the animation, resulting in the player ending up in various ground positions with no time to defend transition attempts or Submission attempts.

35. Heavy Bag strikes frequently don't register.

36. Player's Arms glitch out during takedown attempts.

I will update this list as more issues come to light, but for now; these are all of the technical and visual issues that I came across during my time with the Career Mode. Please feel free to share any technical or visual issues that you have come across so that EA can address these issues.

@EA_Blueberry Could you please stickie this post? I tried reposting it over on AHQ, but it doesn't appear to have garnered any traction or notice. The devs really need to be aware of this continually growing list of issues.

We are two patches in, and none of these major issues have been addressed or even mentioned; some of these are serious issues in need of immediate attention. Thank you.
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  • Great observation..just keep in mind there are a tons of patch launch updates on the 14th that will cover these issues
  • Great observation..just keep in mind there are a tons of patch launch updates on the 14th that will cover these issues

    Duly noted, these were just some of the issues I didn't want the devs to miss; feel free to add any you've come across.😁

    The more issues we bring to light, the faster they can be addressed.
  • I don’t like how the fighter goes to the center of the cage and stands there for a sec before the emote plays. Also, some of the CAF body types look goofy.
  • KnocksYOUoutCold
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    bfield6661 wrote: »
    I don’t like how the fighter goes to the center of the cage and stands there for a sec before the emote plays. Also, some of the CAF body types look goofy.

    Agreed, I'll add these to the list if you don't mind.
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