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Knockout Physics

Its clear the knock out physics are not up to par and certainly far from realistic. EA; may I suggest that the fighter being KO'ed conform to the laws of force, ie: high stamina, clean hit, against a rocked opponent should cause a more dramatic effect than simply just folding in the current position 🤭 KO's and their after effects should be dependent upon the current status of both fighters, along with forced backed by the allocated stamina at the time of the finishing strike. A fatigued fighter commencing a KO would be more practical to the current physics set in place, but a flying knee, with full stamina, to a severely damaged opponent should create more of a physical effect than just simply folding in position, as i have previously stated. I cannot reiterate this qualm any further, as it is simply not logical, nor realistic; considering this game is supposedly a MMA "simulator."
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