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Defending takedowns and body punches/takedown controls the same?

As of now there is no such thing as defending a takedown, you can know it is coming and you still get taken down and then you get up only to be hip tossed. Everybody is a wrestler now and body punch controls being mixed with takedown controls is too similar and is causing lots of control errors in the heat of things. Button commands that do multiple things never workout well. Also you cannot pick your own shorts, I feel this game has taken a step back and feels slower than ufc 3. WWE 2k submission game is not better than what was already there, this is even worse and more stale. There needs to be a better hands on tutorial for alot of this. Most importantly fix the takedown defense issues for the love of god! It is ruining one of my favorite franchises and I am practicing to no success, I really want to like this game don't talk me out of it.


  • Yeah man, the takedown defense is a joke. Been playing since ps1 and am most disappointed with this title, which sucks because I also want to like it. They ****'d the career mode interactions and cinematic scenes, they say LEG CHOKES instead of leg locks, and I see HUA instead of Rua for an emote. Its like they're smoking some fire herb there at EA or not hiring the staff needed to perform. Upsetting.
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