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Owc leagues level too quick

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Div 2 1110 div 5 has 1200. Makes no sense.

100 points you go up 3 divisions

I see div 2.vs 5 99% of the time.
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  • BruceLee2029
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    I found out there is 20 divisions.
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  • I think you lose to many points for losing you can go down 6 divisions if someone makes a new a account.

    Same spammers in div 1 to div.20
  • I go from div 20 all way down to div 1 because the amount of points I lose for keep being matched up with lowest div.
  • A good way to mitigate “points attrition” in OWC is just match a guy up with guys who are professionals / 10 divisions above them in OWC so when the poor guy manages to win he gains a ton, and when the guy loses it’s not a huge points loss.
    Haha the opponent skill level part is noticeable too.
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