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CAF (Women body Types)

So I think it's amazing that EA took so much time to add all of the new creation items for CAFs and has allowed me to make some fighters that would have been impossible to make in UFC 3.

My issue however is that the Male CAFs have over 20 body types that allow you to create a wide variety of fighters from various weight classes. Sadly when you look at the Women's side they have had only 4 Body types since their debut in UFC 2. I would have expected at least a few new ones considering the edition of the Women's flyweight division.

They have used body models from in-game fighters in the past (i.e Conor) to bolster the male CAF options, i just wish they would do the same for the women. My megumi Fujii and Gina Carano CAFs ain't cutting it with basically 2 body types to choose from lol

Anyone else disappointed with the lack of attention on the Women's side?


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