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Clinch counters

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edited August 2020
If there focus is to clinch and knee I should be able to uppercut since I have to sit there since there’s no counter

You should be able to hurt your opponent on each sides of the clinch no matter . That clinch control on the game is one sided which isn’t real


Transition inside the Thai clinch of your opponent should be a thing! Nobody sits there and eats them


Clinch knees should come from both sides this position like I said isn’t ONE SIDED


you guys literally got dudes on this game thinking there good with their repetitive clinch 2 knees and I get out . No matter how many times I block they will get the clinch eventual I can sway I can back up . But it will eventually happen . THE THREAT OF THE CLINCH SHOULDNT HAVE SOMEONE BACKING UP EVERYFIGHT


  • 100% agree
  • You can punch in clinch when someone grabs you. You can ko them too.
  • xreeox wrote: »
    You can punch in clinch when someone grabs you. You can ko them too.

    Those petty punches don’t do **** most of them that abuse it know and they will blow your head away with a knee or to the body cause your using stamina
  • BagginBrooks
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    Sway and produce a devastating counter. Not that hard to counter.
  • I was saying the same ****, that they are easy to counter but I was wrong. It just take the right guy who really know how to abuse it and he will change your mind. **** is broken.
  • BagginBrooks
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    edited August 2020
    I've fought some people that tried to abuse it and guess what I did. I swayed and either hit them with an overhand that rocks them almost everytime or just do a power takedown to the ground and smash them. Again, it's really not that hard to counter.

    I guarantee after they either eat a counter or you keep them on the ground, they will not be trying to clinch you.
  • This is EA, what you got is the best they can give you. 6-8 years of development and this is it. Arcade with real fighters in it. Now we need to pray that someone else gets the license. Someone who has passion for MMA.
  • the takedown in clinch is too easy to.block
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