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Career Mode CAFs and Online

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edited August 2020
Look I get that the general desire is to not have maxed out CAFs that have not gone through career mode all over online play. However it kills the incentive to level up moves and go through career mode several times to create a whole stable of CAFs for online play, to not be able to use said moves and perks online. Perfectly fair to have the overall stats limited so that not everything is 5 stars, but you gotta put in time to get those moves up to a high level and to unlock combos and grappling techniques, and after all that you can’t use them online, you have to pick a premade move set, that will force you to only fight one way, and will leave you at a disadvantage to another player once all the exploits are figured out.
C’mon EA why do you always seem to shoot yourself in the foot with one idea everytime?
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