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This Game is in Worse Shape Than I Thought

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We are now two patches in, and almost nothing of major value has been changed aside from a few exploits.

I put out a 31 bullet point thread listing every serious technical and visual issue that I and even major YouTubers have come across; and so far not ONE of those issues has been addressed in either of the current patches.

Now to make matters even worse, the Kickboxer CPU on Legendary difficulty are World Class Wrestlers with Black Belts in Jiu Jitsu; able to hold the player down in full mount and easily sink in submissions regardless of the player's submission defense or perks. The CPU on Legendary difficulty are in need of serious re-tuning.

@EA_Blueberry I know you're quite busy, but could you please make sure that the devs see this thread and my technical issues thread? I've posted my technical issues thread on the AHQ forums as well to garner more attention to those serious issues. Thank you.

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