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Bruce buffer announcements

I seen this video here’s the link

And basically you see the dynamic when you add real Bruce buffer announcements instead of the same repeat EA has been doing as of lately . I wish you guys didn’t take the announcements off tho in quick fights but fight announcements with a hype crowd for home hero’s or boos for visitors makes the environment .

It the little things EA , you don’t need to shove bear mask down our throats or chains we are looking for “ as real as it gets” Foreal EA I was expecting hype intros from Bruce buffers or even audio from real announcements not the repetitive ones if it’s a title fight in Australia and it’s Robert Whittaker being called out you should hear the crowd going ecstatic !

And if the opponent like Izzy or someone obviously not from Australia gets the upset you should hear a quite crowd during the win with some boos it makes the environment but I’m sure this will just get ignored just like the rest of the feedback you guys “say” you wanted


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