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Patch spoilers


  • Here we go!
  • More for ya

  • This should be a good patch folks.

  • 🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻

  • Mhmmm child

  • Maybe the last one for today

  • Sorry I’m late in this one

  • The patch spoilers we want .

    - permanent stamina drained from heavy missed strikes

    - Ground and pound strikes added via bottom side control knee and top back side control knee

    - Ground and pound timer removed

    - customize fighters stats customization

    - damage increase from top side control knees to the body
  • immortal079apple
    36 posts Member
    edited February 11
    New Observation from Patch 7.0 and Some suggestions.

    1. KNEE & ELBOWS COMBO IS BACK! It's annoying a lot of players using it again. Please do something about that. Tune it down or make it slower. If anybody knows how to counter that combo please tell me.
    2. MAKE COUNTER MORE REWARDING. When some players are spamming combos and you try to counter it by slipping or swaying its seems like the damage you make is very less. That is why some players never stop doing the same combo, because they are not afraid if they get caught by a counter-attack.
    3. FRONT KICK IN CLOSE BOXING RANGE. Please disable this kick if the fighters are in close boxing range.
    4. STAMINA TAX/DRAIN ON MISSED ATTACK. When you are slipping from combos, the stamina of opponents doesn't get affected.
    5. STAMINA TAX ON FAILED SUBMISSION. When the opponent fails to submit you make him suffer for stamina loss.
    6. BLOCKED COUNTER IS OFF. It is very hard to time the blocked counter.
    7. GNP REVAMP! Currently, the GNP is full of SPAM & CHEESE! Let us again control our fighters. No more auto full guard or half guard from the bottom. Try to GNP guys even you input only two hooks from full guard it will be three.
    8. ADD MORE CAGE TKO, KO, stunned ANIMATION. When you stunned an opponent from the cage it will always be the same animation. They will directly fall on their butts. TKO on the ground not always KO, referee intervention.
    9. BUGS ON CLINCH. I experienced this twice once you entered the clinch. Both of the players are unable to do actions. After the round the game freezes.
  • Mrbig3o6
    43 posts Member
    edited February 11
    Fix the unbalanced ground game. it’s honestly the worst aspect of this game. You got guys holding you down with no stamina at all. It’s so god damn unbalanced it’s frustrating. The grappling, striking and right down to the subs are the worst aspect of this game. It wasn’t broke in the last instalments so why was it changed???!
  • Mrbig3o6
    43 posts Member
    edited February 11
    It’s to the point where top just lays on the bottom waiting for bottom to transition because it takes forever to be stood up doing nothing. The transition meter for the bottom player takes so long to fill and sometimes it doesn’t even respond. The way this game is set up with queues for strikes and transitions is the reason there are so many flaws. Inputs are initiating with extreme delays, in all aspects of the game. It’s causing certain inputs to be nullified and not initiate at all. Sometimes your fighter just stays in one spot and doesn’t move at all while your opponent is giving you the beats.
  • 8.00 is out. What's new? Thanks.
  • With every patch spoiler that comes out i get more and more nervous that increased long term stamina penalty for missing strikes will not be one of them, idk if i can wait another month for a possible fix 😱
  • 8.00 is out. What's new? Thanks.

    The changes they made is not what most of us expected.
  • When you are on the ground, it became a waiting game. Which is not realistic in MMA fight, fighters are simultaneously moving to get a better position. The fighter on the top is using force/weight to hold his opponent on the ground. It is not just he is laying on the top. If they can only add a new mechanics to make this happen. I just have an idea.They can add a new input to hold down an opponent. The top fighter can have the option to hold the bottom fighter by pushing the analog down. There will be a stamina tax/drain for this, so the players will not just hold it down forever. All The transitions will be as it is. But the bottom fighter can have an easy or faster transitions if the top fighter release the analog. The stamina tax vary on different position, dominant position like top mount will be less, top full guard requires more stamina (because it is the safest position to bottom fighter). And again the GNP is CHEESY. Make the animation much more brutal put force/weight to the fist. IMO the current GNP animation doesn’t seems to be damaging (ironic). This are just my thoughts. I just played the new patch 8 I didn’t notice a lot of difference, the spammers and game exploiters are still there. But I still have high hope for this game. I am still trying to enjoy this game, it is not about winning or losing, as long as you won by playing the game the right way and losing to someone who gains your respect. But it really sucks losing to SPAM & CHEESE. All the players are vulnerable in this game. If other players can win by exploiting the game’ they don’t give a **** about playing it right.

    ✌️I’m just a fellow fan. Not that good not that bad playing this game!
  • Make boxing and kickboxing modes, not everyone likes play on ground.
  • BUKSBULL wrote: »
    Make boxing and kickboxing modes, not everyone likes play on ground.

    There is an option for stand and bang and kickboxing bro..
  • Waiting for the next patch.....
  • Here we go

  • I’m calling it now ciryl gane and Kevin Holland are gonna be added next watch
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