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Career wishes that I would like to see in the next patch

Hey everyone, of course, the career in UFC 4 has a lot of innovations compared to the previous parts of the series. However, there are moments that, I think, many would like to see.
1) In the trailer they promised to implement a weighing system, press conferences, trashtalk with other fighters. But in reality, we only got fragments from the sterdown during the loading of the battle. I would like to see the implementation of conferences, as, for example, it was in UFC UNDISPUTED 3, given that now is 2020, it will not be too difficult to implement such mechanics. Further, I would like to be able to pin up many fighters from the division, and not wait for their reaction to our person. For example, to have a list of fighters in the division, and I, for example, wanted to promote a fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov, and then I could somehow pin him up in social networks, without waiting for his first step.
2) Secondly, there is a question why the gameface function was removed? Playing a career, I always associate myself with the created fighter, damn it, I want to play for myself, I want to beat Conor McGregor for myself, but it's hard to create exactly the same fighter. Gameface let me fix it, heck I could play specifically with myself, I hope you bring this wonderful system back.
3) Why is a fighter's career limited to two belts? Judge for yourself why, for example, I cannot keep myself two belts, be a champion in two divisions at the same time, as was DC, Henry Cejudo, Amanda Nunes. I want to be able to defend the title in two divisions. For example, one fight is lightweight, the other is featherweight. Also, it would be great to be able to win three belts. Of course, four belts is already nonsense, which is impossible to achieve, but three belts are real enough. Once, holding the belt in two divisions at the same time was a fairy tale, but Conor proved that everything is real, so why not let your game avatar become a real legend who was able to win three belts in the UFC at once?
I don't know about the others, but I noticed that after winning the belt in one category, the superfight is assigned in the category above. Why can't I go down in weight on the contrary? Having won the lightweight belt to go for the featherweight title would be really cool, and the weight-control mechanics would fit perfectly into the gameplay.

I sincerely hope that my ideas will sink into the souls of the players, but moreover, I dream that the developers of UFC 4, a really wonderful game of which I am a fan with UFC 3, will notice my suggestions and try to implement at least something, and if they do everything, then it will be a real holiday for me, and for many fans too. I want this topic to make its way to the tops of the forum, so that people can see my thoughts as much as possible, make their own adjustments, agree or reject. The truth is born in argument, so let's make our favorite game even better.


  • I remembered one more thing that could have been realized, especially since it was already in the last part. The ability to change animations when entering the octagon, when presented by Bruce Buffer. Like in UFC 3, I chose Conor's personality and walked into the octagon with his famous gait, it was really cool. But now there is only one animation, which is depressing.
  • I found another idea on the forum, which was written by another person, many thanks to him. You can make the gameplay for career bots more animated. That is, so that bots can also change divisions, for example, Khabib dominates the lightweight division for a long time, and suddenly he decides to try his luck at welterweight. I would also like to implement the possibility of moving to another division without a superfight. For example, like Dustin Poirier in real life. He was a middleweight featherweight fighter, but managed to become a real lightweight beast. In general, that's exactly all :)
  • EA_Blueberry
    3907 posts EA Community Manager
    Thank you for the career mode requests, @tayzle_quimby!
  • How about all the stuff that was suppose to be in like interviews and fighter interaction and an actual story mode
  • EA_Blueberry
    3907 posts EA Community Manager
    How about all the stuff that was suppose to be in like interviews and fighter interaction and an actual story mode

    Those would require a lot more time to implement compared to game balance changes. Creating new fighter interactions and interviews would require starting from scratch with animations. The team is focused on adding new fighters to the game, balance, and fixes which is why you've been seeing those in post-launch updates. In the event the team is planning to add any features to career mode or new animations/cinematics in general, we'll let you know as soon as we hear it!
  • I appreciate that but I only play career mode so the online patches and added fighters doesnt do anything for me but I know others like that so good for them but for an strictly offline career mode player it is very lacking.
  • Mine is to be able to change ur shorts in career mode and have the gold name when ur champion. Like why can’t we wear the grey ufc shorts and have the gold name lol dc wore them irl
  • You make it so we don't get any insight on the status of the UFC apart from title changes. Then why would you bother me with McGregor footage, Holm hopping around and Werdum training? If you're going to make it all about my career, show me my own footage of KO's and subs. You also have to wait minutes before the weight-in footage even appears (if at all).

    I just hate to see the weigh-ins on something that looks like a Smartphone. Why is that? Just use the full screen like in the previous game. 2/3rds of the screen is just blank. You think people actually use their phones to watch the weigh-ins?

    And after playing a women's career I noticed coachman Davis refers to my opponents as men during the cutscenes and sparring. You don't have to change it now as I doubt anyone cares but it's pretty funny.
  • I want to contribute as well 🐱
    I love the bantam and feather weight divisions, but it's useless to play there since you got such a limited amount of moves to learn.
    You can't learn the two touch spinning headkick (Zabit or Diakiese (light)).
    You can't learn the rear teep kick, the spinning back fist, etc. This makes no sense and should be changed asap.
    EA, please fix. Let me play the lower weight classes in UFC 4.

  • 1. [b]RIVALRIES[/b]
    - Without going back to the drawing board would these be able to be included in future patch updates?
    A. I like how we get the random love and hate social media messages, but instead of random people, can the hate be from our rivals? It would make the rivalry more personal if they were dissing us more often.
    B. I like how beating/losing to a fighter can start rivalries, in addition could we have the [i]touch glove[/i] option before fights to also start rivalries?
    C. I would like my rivals to taunt more if they have the upperhand, the computer NEVER taunts.

    - These 3 things would make the rivalries feel like actual rivalries instead of the occasional negative comment and no other interaction.

    If we choose to simulate traibing camp can we simulate the entire week instead of simulating week by week?
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