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Dear EA_Someone,

The clinch spam is every match. You have no way to deny. Give us denials back. This should be a super simple ez patch. It shouldn't take you three weeks to fix this glaring problem. Better yet, throw your new system in the trash and revert it UFC 3's system. Why are you dragging your feet? Do you really think we will come around? FIX IT


  • johnnyknoxvillee
    120 posts Member
    edited September 2020
    -(I apologize in advance, wrote through a translator)-
    I support! I can say 100% that no one likes to fight spam .. EA devs keep repeating these silly mistakes or returning clinch from ufc3! EA! Listen to the opinions of the players .. How is it that the two parts of ufc 3,4 are almost the same, but why are there so many errors in the new part, because the graphics and the game engine are the same! (The graphics seem to be worse in places) When you enter part 3 after 4, playing ufc3 becomes much more enjoyable! EA listens to players.
  • Clinch UFC 4 super!!!
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