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PLEASE for the Love of God

This has been needed forever.

Please Add a fully functions cut and damage system. A depthy to the amount of injuries that can be suffered and accumulated through out a contest. large cuts and bruies or swelling. Make it to where the damage accumulates truly and can potentially cause the fight to be stopped by the Dr. Maybe do to cut or swelling shut of a eye... or the Dr warn he might stop the fight if he looks at an injury....even if just in between round.

A cut system has been long overdue. Please include nose breaks. make them have different kinds of breaks.

maybe even a broken rib after a solid body shot, and a graphic pops up and at it leaves you with half stamina.

Perhaps even on rare occasions have the fighter break his hand or foot in the fight. hand, less power. foot lowered mobility,slight power reduction.

also after a fight maybe have a medical suspension and injuries sustained for fighters during fight IE :Suffered concussion 90 days no contact, Broken orbital, 120 days no contact until cleared by physician, laceration 15 . It would just be a cool breakdown of the damage you were able to inflict on your opponent.

I think these could add a incredible element to the game that people would truly appreciate.

Also please fix the replays. Make them longer, they miss a lot of the end of the fight and watching the replay where it plays the same 3 angles leaves a lot to be desired for what is the finale of your hard work. Make that pay off sweet, and if you get a gnarly KO make the replay system SHINE.


  • Just going to bump this because almost a year later and still nothing! Thanks EA !
  • All other other sports game of ea are decent except ufc game , what a surprise .
    I never see a game who have the exact same scenario in term of animators
    All the fight looks exactly the same and are visually wrong.
    Imagine a wrong animation with a broken visuals never get fixed since ufc ea 3
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