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Why are There two Separate Replay Animations?

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edited September 2020
I've noticed this since launch, but I finally figured I'd try and get an answer. There are two separate replay animations:

The first: Is simply the bog standard slow motion replay of the KO/submission under the bright lights of the Octagon.

The Second: Is a darker and much cleaner Replay, that focuses more on the KO strike itself and the opponent's facial reaction to being hit(I don't use submissions often enough to know if this replay exists for submissions.)

I was simply curious as to why there are two separate replay animations, when the second animation is so much better? I would much rather EA use that as the standard replay animation from now on. By focusing on just the KO strike, we get a cleaner picture of which strike actually ended the fight; as opposed to the combination of strikes that led up to the KO.

@EA_Blueberry Any chance you could find out why there are two separate replay animations? Thanks


  • MTaranto
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    edited September 2020
    One thing I noticed is that the replay are worse than UFC 3. I don't know exactly why, but it was better before. Better angles and so.. I hate that new super close on fighters face.. I think they wanted to match that replay in EA Fight Night 3 and 4, but those game did that so much better, even though it was past generation..
  • EA_Blueberry
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    Thank you for the feedback on improving the 1st replay animation! To be honest it sounds like it's by choice for variety. In all sports when they show replays there are usually more than 2 or shot angles. If there was the same standard replay every time do you think it could get stale?
  • @EA_Blueberry Thanks for the info, I just prefer the darker more stylish replay animation and was wondering what triggers that animation over the regular replay animation?

    You make a valid point, I suppose it might get stale seeing that darker animation play out after a while; so I guess it's better that it only plays out from time to time.
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