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Forum Fighter Spotlight: Colby Covington VS. Tyron Woodley

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Hey, UFC Community!

This week our Forum Fighter Spotlight will be featuring two fighters going against each other in this Saturday's UFC Fight Night event in Las Vegas, Colby Covington & Tyron Woodley!

The Fight Night discussion and details for this event can be found here.

With these two fighters squaring up against in each other this Saturday, we want to see your best online knockouts with them in UFC 4! Reply with your best recorded clip(s) below and take home the UFC Title Belt Badge to rep here in the forums.

These Forum Fighter Spotlights are also a spot check on where you feel the fighters are at this current moment in the game. Let us know if you think their moves or ratings warrant changes.

Do you have any advice on how to win with these fighters? We'd love to hear it. We have our Training Gym category where we can help each other with tips or challenge other forum users to friendly sparring matches.
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