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Kumite and Backyard not selectable online fight

Why are Kumite and Backyard only showing as selectable in offline modes. When I try to select them in online modes>Invite Left Stick on any fight mode only shows UFC venues...no Kumite or Backyard.

Anyone seen this since the new update?



  • BTW Im on Xbox. Its weird because since the update I can now choose these 2 venues when I play "Fight Now" and any of the modes in there will allow me to choose them. But anytime I choose online mode to invite a friend the only venues allowed are the UFC ones, its like EA left them out in online, even though they clearly say in the patch notes that these 2 venues are NOW SELECTABLE in ONLINE modes when you invite a friend.

    Does anyone know if this is now possible for online private matches, if so, how?

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