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Why is everyone ignoring scripted knockouts?

In which game have you seen scripted deaths? I do not know in which particular game, but I am sure that it was released in 2009 or earlier. Why does everyone ignore that the game of 2020 has scripted ugly knockouts? it's just awful. And everyone is silent about it


  • I promise you no fans like myself are ignoring the KO animations... I can't stand it and it's should have been too priority....maybe in season 2 ranking begins they will finally fix it.

    The issue I think is due to covid and lack of staff EA has and they don't have a good coder to make those animation...notice how we haven got any new animations yet..I don't think they have the staff or the person with the skills to do it.
  • The camera focus on the ko’d fighter is weird
  • I can't imagine why this has not been fixed yet.
  • This is dont fix, UFC 4 is terrible
  • This is bottom of the fix list. Loads more stuff to be fixed before this.
  • After 2 months I can say this the worst ufc game ever ( for his time) you can’t release a game like this it’s just horrible .
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