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[Wednesday Weekly] Career Mode Ideas / Suggestions

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While i've been enjoying playing through the career mode in UFC 4 I do have some suggestions on possible improvements to make it a bit more interesting, as I do find it engaging and honestly the strike/grappling 5-star progression system is actually very exciting and fun there are some potential areas that can be improved.

First, in regards to sparring, let us be able to select our sparring partners, there could be different game-created sparring partners with different attributes/strengths/weaknesses, and also if we could use actual UFC fighters as sparring partners that would also be a great addition, as I know we can do the Learn Moves / Invite Fighter part for that but in drilling it would be a lot better to use actual UFC fighters. The default sparring partners, especially for striking are not very good and I find that I injure them almost every camp, I get the whole idea of trying to not hurt your sparring partner which honestly makes sense, but if we're going down that route at least give us partners we can actually try on that are stronger than us so that we can get better.

The Social Media part of the game is good, but I think it should be improved upon going forward, and more than that, the whole career mode feels a bit mundane in terms of engagement with a proper story, you get a few cut scenes with Coach Davis at the start of your career and that's really it. I'd love to see more engaging cut scenes throughout your career including press conferences! I saw press conferences in the trailer yet I was never involved in a press conference. The WFA cutscenes do the job, but where I'd prefer more engaging cutscenes is in the UFC:

Ideas for some cutscenes in the UFC:
Signing your first UFC contract - have a cutscene with Hunter Campbell / Sean Shelby - not Dana yet
Signing future UFC Contracts - could have a dialog sequence where you negotiate terms as opposed to just 'this is what you get, pick a bonus' and depending on how you negotiate you could have a 'reputation with UFC' bar go up and down
Winning your first UFC championship - Have a backstage cutscene with Dana congratulating you, why not?
Winning a second belt - becoming Champ Champ - Have another backstage cutscene maybe you holding both belts walking down the hallway talking to random UFC figures like Dana, Forrest Griffin, Daniel Cormier, Michael Bisping, basically vets that are retired but giving you props, surely we can get them to voice over a few lines
Optional and not 100% sure - Have rivals show up at your gym before you start a sparring session and trade insults
Press Conferences!

Remember, this is a career mode but it's a story too so we want it to be engaging and spontaneous cutscenes of different events with dialogs where what you say affects your relationships with opponents, staff and the UFC will make it interesting and keep players engaged.

I was so disappointed after winning my second belt (originally won Welterweight strap, then won Middleweight) that I couldn't defend both titles simultaneously. I did a few WW defenses and thought, what about the Middleweight belt? I checked the rankings and someone else had it, I wasn't even notified I was stripped of the belt in a social media feed or anything. We should have the option to defend both belts, or relinquish one and either move up or stay at the current weight after winning it. Amanda Nunes is a prime example of someone who defends both belts.

Hope you all like the suggestions i'm putting forward, the Career Mode itself is good, like I said the technique progression system is a lot of fun and makes sense, what you train is what you get good at, but there are few things that could be done in maybe UFC 5 that could make Career Mode even better.

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    Awesome post and submissions, @playrules5000

    I've seen feedback on the forums since launch about expanding on the career mode relationships with Coach Davis and more interactions with other fighters on social media. Press conferences would be really fun to see to add additional immersion to the game.

    Going to toss this up at the top of the forums this week for others to jump into the conversation by adding to your points or including their own career mode ideas.
  • I am a new UFC player however I do want to say I strongly agree with much of what you said. Would love more cutscenes and more to experience outside of the fights like press conferences. Social media could be greatly improved too.
  • I've had a few more ideas regarding career mode that honestly came up while watching videos to get hyped for UFC 254:

    Career Mode Progression in terms of training camps and fights:
    Currently, in UFC 4 when you finish a fight, you then 'Sim to next fight' which can be x amount of days after your fight, while this is a good way to get you back into a fight and training it's not 100% realistic; a lot of fighters train when they don't have an upcoming fight just to get better, some even taking years off of having fights but still training (Brian Ortega's a great example of this, taking almost 2 full years off after the Max Holloway fight to fight The Korean Zombie). My suggestion is we treat the progression of the career not so heavily in the cycle of 1. Get a fight offer, 2. Accept/Decline, 3. Set up training camp for x amount of weeks, 4. Complete training camp, 5. Fight.

    I think a great approach that might need some R&D from the development team on how it would work in the context of a professional fighter would be to use a more 'real time' approach, and a great example of this is in the game Football Manager; in Football Manager 2020, you can start off without being contracted to a club, and simulate one day at a time, in this time you can apply for a job as a manager and keep simming to receive the results of your applications, I think an approach like this, altered slightly could work for UFC 4 Career Mode:

    You can start off with that introductory fight like in UFC 4 in the parking lot
    Once the fight is done, if you impress you could receive a WFA contract offer straight away
    If you fail to impress (either lose the fight, or not a great fight) you can be a free agent, but still be able to train in the time which you are a free agent.
    So each day for simplicity purposes, you can spar either Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling or BJJ, or hit the heavy bag (Exactly like you do in UFC 4) -if there are other ways of working a training camp in discussion for the next UFC game this can be modified to the new approach, but essentially what you work in training camp assign one training unit each day, and optionally can reserve one day a week for rest (maybe Sundays)
    So when you are a free agent, you keep training every day, and eventually you'll get an email or message about an upcoming fight - could be WFA if we want to still keep to WFA as the only small-time promotion in the game or another small-time promotion
    The player has the option to take the fight or not, if they choose to fight and put out a good performance depending on the promotion's level they might get a contract offering - e.g. we can make WFA small-time so if you have a decent showing, you can get a contract offer, also maybe losing a close fight or a fight in which you put it all out on the line could still get you a contract
    Once you are signed to the WFA or UFC, you won't receive a fight straight away, you train and sim for a few days and you'll get a fight offer, it makes it more realistic instead of as soon as you sign a 5 fight contract you get a fight straight away
    Obviously this will mean that more time is spent on training, so to prevent the game-play from being stale as you wait for fight offers as they're no longer being simmed straight away after each fight we'd need to look into making the training camps more engaging, using cutscenes etc. as I mentioned in the original post might help with this and also these ideas might help too:
    - While you are waiting for a fight offer, you should be able to potentially do extra curricular activities e.g. hold a press conference both in person and virtual where you get asked questions about your time as a fighter and potential match-ups, this could create rivalries potentially e.g. if you are in the UFC waiting on a fight, doing a media press conference and someone asks you how you would go against Nate Diaz, you say you would smoke him, he could send out a social media message back and the rivalry is there
    - Why not have the ability to go to another gym for a seminar to learn moves? Doesn't have to be by a specific UFC fighter, could be by a well respected MMA coach or MMA media personality
    - If you are in the UFC, and waiting on a fight contract, you have more options here, UFC have a big social media presence, why not be part of UFC shows and podcasts? e.g. UFC Unfiltered, Year of the Fighter, Fight Pass content
    - UFC Performance Institute could run tests on you and show you areas where you could improve, based on your fights e.g. if you get taken down a lot, analysts could suggest work on Takedown Defense and if say you mostly get double legged, a more detailed suggestion would be prevent Double Leg takedowns

    Also, as you sim days, keep in mind travel to get to the venue, I suggest the following:
    Monday before the fight you cannot train - Travel day which you sim
    Tuesday - Cutscene of your plane arriving in whichever city and you getting your bags maybe, can train on this day, but lighter than normal, maybe no sparring? or sparring but more held back
    Wednesday - Can train on this day, but just like Tuesday, light sessions
    Thursday - Can train on this day, but just like Tuesday and Wednesday, light sessions
    Friday - Maybe no training for weight cut? maybe do a cutscene for the weight cut of you on the treadmill or in the sauna
    Saturday - Fight day, cutscene of you arriving to the arena

    Obviously these are just rough ideas, but you see where I'm going with this, I feel like a Career Mode where you have time to spend outside of fight camp learning new skills and branching out kind of like in UFC 4 Career Mode, as long as there's things to do in that time, I'm sure players will be entertained, if you add in spontaneous cutscenes that happen after you sim a day regarding Dana, UFC staff or another fighter i'm sure it'll keep players engaged.

    Replacement fighters:
    - Having a cutscene or dialog on screen for a fight offer, but the UFC are offering you to be a replacement fighter for a UFC title fight, if this is something that is done, I think make the fight camp shorter than a normal one because no player will want to do a full fight camp and not end up with doing a fight, you could pair it with an actual fight e.g. Dana offers you a Co-Main under the main event for the UFC belt in the same weight class, but asks if you want to be the replacement fighter if the main event falls through
    In this situation, you still get a fight at the end of the camp, but even though it will most likely be the person you are fighting in the co-main, at random, the main-event could fall through and you have to jump straight into the Main Event for the belt.
    This could also work the other way around too, you are the champion or No. 1 contender going into the title fight, Dana will let you know in the contract x fighter will be the backup, mid-way through fight week, as you sim a day (e.g. say you sim Wednesday through fight week) a random cutscene happens with Dana / Sean Shelby or someone else from UFC coming to you in the gym or in the hotel saying that your opponent has pulled out, the replacement fighter will be fighting instead

    Also, to go back to the fight week structure for a second:
    Not sure if this is something worth doing, but why don't we add sort of a free roam option in the locker room pre-fight where you can:
    Hit pads with your coach (e.g. walk up to your coach, press X or A and start hitting pads)
    Talk with your teammates - same thing, go up to them press X or A
    Wrestle with your teammates
    Watch another fight thats happening Live on the TV - Imagine how cool this would be, if Career Mode ever incorporates multi-title fight cards and you are the main event and you get to see another title fight before you that would be amazing
    Walk to the door, 'Fight' comes up, press X or A and start the show

    I know this is a lot, but honestly like i've said Career Mode is good, but I really hope the EA team see my suggestions because I feel like with a few tweaks it can go from good to oustanding.

  • Hello, I also have some suggestions for career mode in UFC 4. So after playing career mode for a long time it just gets boring, just like the previous speaker said there are no cutscenes that were in the previous part. Regarding social media, what we have is only a response to a player who has something to say about our person, and why we, as a player, cannot choose from even a ranking list a player we would like to challenge to a duel and start storms in the media? or send a message to
    Dana White for a bigger fight. Conferences would be a big advantage of a career mode that does not exist, the lack of pre-fight weigh-in and face-to-face rivalry and post-fight interview where in the real world is commonplace. A good update to the game would also be the possibility of fighting for the third championship belt. The biggest thing I miss, of course, is the game face, where the mere sight of myself entering the octagon was a pleasure, here, unfortunately, we have strange ready-made faces that we will not improve enough to remind ourselves of ourselves. The positions of the players in the ranking also leave a lot to be desired, for example, a player with a balance of 20-10 is higher than a fighter with a balance of 20-2, in my opinion it is unbelievable that a UFC player with such a balance is not even in the top 15. 6 fights in ufc, my position in the ranking will not budge and the proposed opponents are those at the end of the list. As for the blows on the ground floor, I miss the elbows, of course, they are only in the side position and why not also in the other position? In my opinion, but it is only my individual opinion that the submission system and the control responsible for the clinch, oblivion or takedown defense were better in the previous installment of the game because we have, for example, blows assigned to the new control. Poor combat promotion. Overall, the game is good, but there are a lot of things missing to make a career interesting and exciting. It is also funny that after the fight in the movie posted on social media, when the game is loaded, our player is shown with visible traces of the fight. I apologize for spelling mistakes in advance, but my English is poor.
  • The game is good and the mechanics are there but it just feels it is unfinished. So I will be giving some suggestions on how to improve Career mode for all of us who enjoy the offline mode.
    - Post Fight Interviews with two or four options to choose from ( Win/Defeat)
    - Press Conferences. (If you cant make it interactive, please atleast make it visible.) I want to see my character in a press conference and weigh ins.
    - There should be a slider for us to choose the reach of our character. We dont have an option for that and that is not acceptable.
    - Option to retire anytime and come back out of retirement anytime with cutscenes.
    - Option to start a conversation with anyone in the division to fight them.
    - Option to move a weight down or up easily and defend those belts.
    - Add the hairs and beards of existing fighters to the selections for us to choose from because to be fair the selection is quite a joke. Copy paste from the previous game with some more jokes of hairstyles. Come on.
    - When sparring/Training make us wear headgears. I do not want to always knock my partner out because he does not have protection. Headgears are a must!
    - Speaking about sparring, let there be a section for footwork, for example skipping rope. Hitting pads with your coach could be nice too!
    - Yesterday I was punching the bag and saw all those weights and treadmills and I am like why can't we walk in the gym and use them! Interact with them and they give us fitness or body strength or cardio. This would be huge!!!
    - Also I forgot to pinpoint the fact that UFC 3 had walkouts personalities you could choose from. That should come back to UFC 4. One animation for all your created fighters get so boring.
    Those implementations would make people fall in love with the career mode and it brings an immersive feeling towards it. It makes you feel like a real fighter not just a simulation and that is what the game is lacking. We will be having UFC 4 for a couple of years probably. I would love to see the development team working on these things.

    I appreciate your time guys. Please if there are more suggestions leave them below and hopefully EA can look at them and start implementing them.
  • My suggestion is so simple, EA, just please it would be so cool if we culd be main event before fighting for the belt, you now, Fight Night Head Line, so we can have a five round fight before the championship fight. UFC 3 had this and was really cool. And is something so common in ufc real life, so please this is easy for an update...
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