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5-30 takedowns and full stamina


Games a joke and all these spamming players are clowns and a bunch of you know what’s I really don’t know why any true fight fan would play the way they do oh wait probably because most of them are just some p.a.b it’s so annoying


  • Full stamina bro that’s **** ridiculous spamming his stupid axx away with no worry or being punished! I even dropped him like he was put got on top to finish and he recovers haha out cold bro laying and still was able to eat and block punches serious **** sht show and I am definitely over it this was the nail in the coffin!
  • Dude could have went 5 - 100 and still been ok no stamina lose haha trash axx sht man
  • Trust me I say this every time I go on
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