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What's going on?

I'm getting knocked out left right and center since the 5.0 patch.

1. slip and away = more stamina lost than the spammer.
2. Everyone runs away it's frustrating
3. Subs are weak they have a created fighter boxer I have jujitsu . They have zero stamina and they get out of it easy wasn't like that before patch.
4. Gnp has been nerfed for the attacker not the.defender
5. When I spam my stamina is gone why?
6. Please stop limiting to one class a hour.
7. Divisions need fixing if you lose to many points you are stuck in div 1 you get 3 points for a win and you lose more than 3 for a loss. There are pros in Division 1 because of this stupid system.
8. Clinch was nerfed so much its.useless. add an denial instead.
9. Overhand spam needs to be addressed

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