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Ufc baddest man on the planet sim

Ufc sim baddest man on the planet

Hey guys I’m starting a little community that will use group me and twitch. Pretty much how it works is this. I will set up a tournament on UFC 3. I would like to get 16 guys together at a time and we will randomize “draft order” 1st pick will play 16th, 2nd pick will play 15th etc tournament style. The thing is this is a simulation. we’re not actually playing we just pick a fighter and root them on via twitch and hope for the best. We can do it for fun or even throw $5 each on it winner take all style. I will probably hold 1 or 2 events a week but I’m trying to build the community up. If interested please let me know. Leave an email and i will invite you to the group me community. Just a group or guys, enjoying some drinks, maybe doing some minor gambling, enjoying some good fights and having a good time. Cheers guys happy fighting


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