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Mcgregor vs Poirier is tomorrow, cant play ranked with them

Created acc just to say this...

Played every ufc game consistently, but every time i return to ufc 4, i just put it down straight away...for the love of god, please let us select the weight class we want...who thought this would be a good idea?

Imagine playing tekken, and being limited to only certain fighters every hour...not being able to perfect the single one you like the most...WHAT!...it also doesnt change anything, everyone picks top fighters anyways, esp when they cant perfect the lower rated ones in ranked...and when the game is so closely tied to events happening in real life, it just adds fuel to the fire...if i wanna play as poirier for 4 hours straight because he fights tomorrow, attempting to go for a long win streak as him, i should be able to do so...if you wanna solve it, give players more points for every additional weight class they queue for, or just dont do anything - anything would be better solution than this lunacy...do you really think this added more fun to the game, than the whole problem of players picking the same player, being too good at it subtracted? there is just no way...

another thing - created fighters SUCK...nobody played ultimate team in ufc 3...know why? because it SUCKED, p2w low effort mode...merging it with real fighters is a bad solution, nobody plays created fighters now...i would actually say that a lot more people would play the game if there would be a mode similar to fight night champions owc, building CUSTOM fighters with hand picked movesets, perks, pros and cons, not some predetermined archetypes that limit players creativity and ability to create their own fighters fantasy...actually, all of these limitations i mentioned limit player fantasy, the thing this type of game should strive to achieve the most - and what they solve in the end? nothing

sad sad sad
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