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!!!! Stats!!!!

I would like to request the implementation of an option to view more detailed end of fight stats.
Transitions, reversals
Maybe even slips, clinch, slams or detailed strike counters.


  • I agree i would love more detail in general when it comes to stats. If they did detailed end of fight stats then they could use that to show it on the bottom of the screen in the middle of the fight as a pop up instead of announcing stats threw the commutary rarely. I would also like to see a more detailed online ranked stats of over all of your ranked fights, like they had in UFC 3. When you was under ranked you could press the back button or select to bring it up these stats (i don't know what they call that button these days but you get the point). With these stats it showed significant strike %, block %, takedown % and even accuracy if i believe correctly. Even if they could copy and paste that feature, it would be better than nothing. I would like to see improvements in using stats better in these two aspects i have brought up. Good idea JBrown for bring up this up. Do you or anyone else have more ideas for improving this game stat wize Hopefully this doesn't get overlooked, these ideas would make the game more immersive and interesting in my opinion.
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