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Custom shots and fluid combos like UFC2. A combo is essentially a series of strikes. Not necessarily a pre determined sequence.of buttons


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    Totally. 2 is best version to date. All they had to do was update rosters and career mode a bit and we have the best mma game ever. Various punches from different angles. True rag doll ko. Choice to fight up or down in weight class. Etc. Etc. Also, we have gameface still active and you can potentially make all your favorite fighters if you really wanted to put the time in.
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  • I agree completely. The stamina system was also notably more fulfilling when in a stand and bang situation. It feels so empty as it is.
  • If u agree please hit the button at the bottom. It is the only way to make a difference.
  • Two wad best
  • The real reason ufc 2 was the best is because we could mix our own strikes. Every match you played was unique because everyone had their own style and mixed their strikes differently. Now all you face are people who spam the head movement in all similar ways. The minor lunges or the minor step lunge. This game has improved but UFC 2 was their best game far beyond what this game will ever be. This game was and always will be a step backwards from ufc 2 and 3. I can honestly say that I have never felt that sense of pride and satisfaction when I beat someone on this game compared to how I felt when I won a match on ufc 2. I fought how I wanted to fight and used my own game plans. It’s like one fighter gets momentum on ufc 4 and it stays that way no matter the type of strikes you land. I’ve rocked people so many times on this game only to have them absorb strikes and not be ko’d. The level of frustration I feel on this game is very high compared to the level of enjoyment I get from playing. 95% of the time I shut the game off in frustration because of the flaws I experience. That should say a lot to EA sports because I know there’s a lot of other people who are left feeling the same frustrations.
  • It’s like the only option your left with is to fight like everyone else does on ufc 4 and that’s one major reason people aren’t enjoying the game. It’s like playing street fighter or tekken and using the same strikes and combos, except all the strikes are the same no matter which fighter you use in ufc 4. Its like all the matches you have are repetitive and you know what to expect. The replay value of ufc 4 is very low to be blunt because you have the same experience win or lose.
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