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I cant believe they thought their new ideas for ufc 4 would be good. The game has the bones to be really good yet ea just cant help but make it as worse as it can possibly be


  • How specifically? Patch 7.0/7.01 are massive improvements.
  • Gav402
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    edited January 29
    Well i got it recently. If it was worse then dang. But mainly ground game. Subs and ground n pound is messed up lol. Decisions are horrible. Just lost one i had 6 knockdowns and 2 takedowns to their 0 and 1. They have always counted sig strikes incorrectly imo also
  • I agree that ground and pound isn't what it could be but the main improvement with this latest patch is that previously some people were striking non stop and not losing any stamina to speak of so you couldnt use any strategy against them, you just had to mash buttons and hope for the best (which never happened). The game has a much better feel to it now believe it or not.
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