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A Thread Dedicated to Countering Common Frustrating or ‘Spammy’ Tactics

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This is a thread informing of the main counters to the most commonly used ‘spam’ tactics in UFC4

Knee + Elbow
Major, Minor Lunges
Aggressive Opponents

DISCLAIMER: I am not some ESFL champion knowing every single aspect of the game meticulously but I do spend a lot of time playing the game and consistently place Division 20 each season currently holding around 2300 points in OWC. Due to this I feel as though I have enough knowledge to create this thread and hopefully reduce some frustration in the community.

NOTE: Although I feel as though these are the best immediate counters to the tactics commonly faced this does not prevent your opponent from making further adjustments to deal with your own counters. If I was to attempt to address every possible outcome the thread would go on forever. This is just the nature of the game so don’t attempt to stand by these tips indefinitely as this will almost certainly lead to failure.

The Clinch:
Definitely one of the most frustrating and talked about tactics currently in UFC 4 the clinch can be be intimidating to face but is not unstoppable. Some ways to counter are;
Head Movement: If your opponent is initiating the clinch in a very predictable manor head movement can be a very punishing counter to a clinch attempt. However in order to counter effectively it must be done without blocking and thus is very risky without proper timing and confidence in your opponent’s next move. A slip to the side followed by a rear uppercut is a particular favourite of mine but DO NOT always do this or you will quickly sway into a hook if your opponent is paying any attention.

Minor Lunges: Although a point in this thread, minor lunges can be a very useful and safe method to avoid the clinch. By simply flicking the left analogue to the side when the clinch attempt is made it can be completely avoided with the defender having the ability to respond with punches immediately afterwards (NOTE: this does not translate to major lunges as the clinch attempts can still track the fighter).

Planted Strikes: My personal preference against clinch spammers and the most aggressive. Whilst the other counters are effective they can present a defensive image which may not always deter an opponent. For this tactic, as your opponent is about to attempt the clinch plant your fighters feet and fire a combo (3 strikes is enough) that will interrupt the attempt whilst dealing massive damage to the clincher as they will be unable to block during this period. A further bonus is that even if they do get the clinch in this attempt they will be very vulnerable leading to my next point.

Spend Time In The Clinch: This may seem entirely counterproductive as your main goal is to avoid the clinch however, at some point your opponent will manage to get you in this position at least one. It is inevitable. When in the clinch as the defender do not attempt to immediately escape as this will mean only you have received damage from the initiation. Instead push back against your opponent in the clinch so as to not get backed up and strike. When in the clinch as the defender you can block. This is not something the attacker can do. So time your strikes between your opponents. If they are throwing knees, block two then punch to the head. Continue this and I guarantee your opponent will want to leave the clinch before you do.

Knee Elbow:
Now the clinch is out the way one other common spam tactic is knee elbows. In my opinion the best way to deal with this is to continually back up. Now it should go without saying that this should not be in a straight line as you don’t want your back against the cage but rather the general principle is to retreat. The reason for this is animation speed. When both fighter are planted the knee, elbow is extremely quick and hard to defend. If you are retreating however the elbow will struggle to reach your fighter and the knee will be very slow and telegraphed. Attempt to catch this knee as best you can, if not fully avoid it, and either strike or takedown your opponent based on personal preference. Jabs and straights seem to be the most effective strikes to face off against this type of opponent as they outreach the knees and elbows and are relatively quick to land.

Minor and Major Lunges:
This is a fairly straightforward tactic to counter but I’ve seen recent frustrations towards it so here are my suggestions. Leg kicks, leg kicks and more leg kicks. When lunging you’re fighter cannot block leg kicks in addition, they also receive lots more damage if landed during the lunge with the possibility of causing a health event within 1 to 2 well timed kicks landing. Hooks are also effective when in closer range. Although they will not bleed straight through the block they will cause large permanent damage to the block which will leave the fighter on the receiving end in a very vulnerable spot later into the fight. Some big mistakes are; DO NOT throw straight strikes e.g. 1-2s or front kicks as these will be avoided and punished greatly. Also DO NOT throw uneducated head kicks. As tempting as it may be to want to catch your opponent moving into a head kick as this will cause huge damage, if they chose to lunge away from the strike your stamina will take a massive hit and you are open to receive devastating counters. These should only be attempted if you are absolutely sure which direction your opponent will move in and not based on a 50/50 chance.

Aggressive Opponents:
Without doubt the trickiest opponent you can face if done right, aggression is an extremely powerful play style. It is important to note that there are two styles of aggression or pressuring with one involving spacing whilst the other involves volume.
Volume of Strikes:

Head Movement: The more common lower level aggressive style however still present in the highest divisions is to simply throw lots of strikes. Most likely this will be punches. To counter this, good head movement is key. In this instance I’m not talking about 1 angle slips or pulls although these can absolutely work but instead more of a bob and weave approach similar to a Mike Tyson style movement. This, if done well can slip an entire 4-5 piece combo without even being touched and, if done repeatedly in a fight, despite what you may have heard WILL DRAIN STAMINA. One good round of solid head movement can see you at a 40% stamina advantage going into the second round. If you’re feeling particularly cheeky and/or confident use head movement without blocking as this will increase the stamina tax for the striker.

Kicks: if you have found yourself with enough space to throw kicks firstly great job! Secondly... throw kicks. Specifically push kicks and side kicks. These will help maintain space whilst keeping you safe from the aggressor. The reason I would not advise round kicks is due to the ability to be intercepted whilst throwing them which can place you in a very vulnerable position.

Pressure of Spacing:
This is a horrible tactic to deal with a consistently wakes me up at night in a cold sweat. Basically what I’m referring to is a calculated aggression in which the fighter is not throwing many strikes but instead utilising a counter striking approach on the front foot (think Conor McGregor). They suffocate your space waiting for you to either become completely defensive or lash out in a predictable or reckless way.

Get Aggressive: Although it can be scary, sometimes you’ve just got to push. These types of fighters are imposing but only so much as you allow. Not allowing yourself to be pushed back and dealing damage may lead your opponent to reconsider or retreat entirely.
Body damage: Hit that body. A lot. Try to do this on the end of your combos e.g. jab, lead hook to the body or 1-2 then lead hook to the body. This will greatly reduce the chance of you diving head first into an uppercut. Players tend to react with much greater concern to body damage compared to head damage so it can be a useful way to make them reconsider as well as helping lower their long term stamina reducing future output.

Be unpredictable: Start and finish your combinations in as many different way as possible (within reason of course). If you consistently throw a 3 strike combo ending in a round strike you best believe you will get a pull uppercut bounced off your chin at some point so mix it up.

Jab: Finally one of the best and most under-utilised strikes in UFC 4 is the jab, especially when reducing pressure. Throw it like you’re getting paid each time you press the button and don’t worry about it always landing either. You won’t believe the amount of players that suddenly completely freeze up as soon as a jab is relentlessly thrown towards them. It works.

These are just some of the main reoccurring issues I see players having so I wanted to address them in one extensive post. You may have noticed that grappling is mentioned very little but it is absolutely a great way to counter all of these tactics if you don’t want to deal with it on the feet (but be careful with the knee elbow one when shooting takedowns). My reasoning for its lack of mention is due to many players being either unconfident grapples or simply not enjoying the ground game so I preferred instead to focus on striking counters.

This took a very long time to write up and I’m sure there are things I’ve missed. If there are any questions regarding anything I’ve mentioned or any other parts of the game I’ll try to answer to the best of my ability.
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  • I like this! Good work.
  • EA_Blueberry
    4331 posts EA Community Manager
    Fantastic post, @BillyH72. You have an inner Coach Davis in you.

    I'm going to throw this at the top of the forums for a while. If anyone has other ideas to add onto this post please throw them in here. This could be a valuable resource for the community for anyone searching for help around this topic.
  • The thing about all you posted is that none of it works. Some of these guys are extremely good at abusing the clinch because you can’t stop them. The game is extremely unbalanced it’s not fun at all. I make top 100 each season but the way the players at the top abuse the unbalanced aspects of the game is 9/10 matches you play. It’s not fun anymore and tbh zyaff is one of those players himself.
  • You can still throw 200+ strikes a round with zero sign of fatigue . No matter the game plan it’s a fact the stamina needs work . 200+ strikes from beginning to end of the 5 rounds is crazy .
  • Does anybody have any videos dealing with

    . Guys who spam the jab/straight and retreat (preferably a max holloway user)

    . High level clinch spammers

    . Jab overhand spam

    . Guys who constantly retreat and throw jab/straight and jab/push kick when you get too close (CAF are especially bad)

    I can read about how to deal with these people but seeing it in action would really help a player out because these guys are the ones who have me uninstalling the game
  • Good post @BillyH72 , but what I don't agree with is that its necessary to deal with all the ****... the game should be more balanced, end of. You should lose stamina after throwing more than 2x consecutive 4 hit combos that get block or most of time just whiff, at the very least showing signs of slowing down the punch speed. Players with drained stamina can still throw combos at basically the same speed as when the fight started. Ridiculous man, what a waste of money.
  • And all @BillyH72 explained is all the stuff you have to do to win when it shouldnt be that difficult for technical players, especially the people who spam get the W with 100 times less the effort.
  • EA_Blueberry
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    Here is a productive discussion on the UFC subreddit explaining counters to spam tactics.

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