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It's 2021 and challenges still ACTUALLY ARE IMPOSSIBLE

Okay it's 2021 and seriously this has nothing to do with all the high-class players The people that have won 700 [email protected]#$ing matches in a row. Saying it's too easy. It is actually absolutely impossible. Case in point Damian Maya's challenge. you can't even take him down. And as soon as you get him down he transitions out of it or reverses you straight into a choke that you are not allowed to block or pass any of the guards. You are instantly submitted in two two arrow things. No way to block no way to do anything. You can't get to his back. You can't hold dominant back mount. I have Israel at 100 submission offense 95 submission defense bottom game 100 top game 93 takedowns 87 ccon 90. Seriously there is absolutely no reason why everything is boom done It's already predetermined It's crap. And when it happens every single time I'm sorry I even bought this game it is a complete waste of money and rip off
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