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TKO’s & Ground Game

How is it that the ground game is superior in UFC undisputed 3 which came out like over a decade ago... why can you not throw elbows on the ground........?????? Why can you not TKO your opponent? No ref stoppages or doctor checks. They get knocked out unconscious every time. It’s actually embarrassing and I’ve finally had it with this game. I’m I repeat customer, I’ve owned every game and this is just scary to me that they haven’t figured this out yet. There are hundreds of YouTube videos comparing the games, and all everyone wants is for you to make these changes... yet you won’t.



    ADD PROPER GnP (elbows n hammers like UFC 2 and 3)
    + FINISH THE FIGHT (like UFC 2 / I need to hit my koed opponent until ref stop physically the fight. I walk off if I want!!! ).
    + REALISTIC TKOS (ref stop unintelligently defending fighter up and down).
    Without this, this game is boring and frustrating. U can't play more than 30 mn!!!
  • I agree. The entire ground game needs to be revamped. And by revamped, I mean change it back to how it was in UFC Undisputed 3 which they downgraded from.

    The ground game should be just as in depth as the striking mechanics are (It was in UFC Undisputed 3)
    But instead, it's essentially one big giant clunky mini game. People literally refuse to finish fights on the ground because the animations are so bad. Never used to be this way. :(
  • Let’s us finish the fight , not being able to punch a ko guy happen too often . Let us extra punches . It’s like A mobile game seriously
  • Up :neutral:
  • Up 😛😛
  • Haha like they're actually going to do anything. This game is one of the worst I've played in a long long time.
  • Dock-Zom
    267 posts Member
    They don’t have the “resources “ my boy save your breath plus a warzone player that’s gonna jump on after the conor vs Dustin fight his voice matters . But not you man your just a mma fan that wants an mma experience but hey ! We get clown mask and fun calling cards and a mortal kombat blood sport ring! Why does it matter even about all that just spam til you win that’s the point right ! And get cool calling cards . You did 500 takedowns and lost no stamina and only landed 5 takedowns ? **** it this isn’t mma this is spam til you win baby get this warzone Dub !
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