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Stamina needs to effect movement speed. (Video)

In this video i am fighting against a McGregor, i don't want you to watch the entire video, just the first 7 seconds or so. In the video the McGregor lands a spinning kick that pushes me back (a ridiculous amount imo) and then goes for the same kick again and misses, the missed kick drains nearly all of his stamina so i go for a straight/kick counter, but all he has to do is walk backwards and because he moves just as fast with no stamina he's clear of danger. Idk man, am i wasting my time here? Idek anymore lol


  • Deeznutz32211
    97 posts Member
    edited May 7
    It just feels too easy to avoid action in this game, movement speed that's unaffected by stamina plus the buffed block, these fights are taking way longer than they should. 60% of my fights are a guy moving away from me waiting for me to come in so they can counter and continue moving away, and if they have Stephen Thompson just forget it lol I'm going to be chasing them for 15-25 minutes
  • Dock-Zom
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    Fight speed definitely needs to get slowed down. 30% of stamina still able to blast full speed combos not to mention the walk speed by 30% you shouldn’t be the fastest
  • These points have been made time and time again but they choose to ignore it.
  • One thing is for sure, once people start to speak the truth and point out major flaws in the game that need be addressed they are banned. I’ve noticed that going through some of the older posts. People are being banned to hide the backlash instead of addressing what is causing the backlash. That’s just my observation.
  • Leg kicks definitely need to decrease movement speed. Also stamina should directly impact strikes and speed.
  • All this has been said time and time again... expect more costumes for the CAF's in the next patch. EA dont care about the stamina, they want it being arcade like, it's their new target market.

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