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Can we just nerf the block again

I know this is an unpopular opinion, but the buffed block isn't really helping things, at least for me. the block breaker guys are still breaking the block it just takes a little longer, the guys who throw 150 shots per round are still throwing the same amount. It just feels like the buffed block is just making it more difficult to finish the fight and it's making fights drag out and take longer to end. I'll try to see if i have video of it, but i rocked a guy off a counter and then connected with a 4 punch combo and his block absorbed it all. At first i liked the increased block because i thought it was a temporary solution while the Devs fixed the stamina but i think they thought just increasing block was the solution to the stamina imbalance. I think we should be promoting head movement and swaying as the primary mode of defense, Justin gathje and Petr Yan are the only two guys i see who just put their hands up and absorb punches the way everybody seems to do in UFC4.
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