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We need things fixed asap

Please ea can we get a clinch denial in this game its been 9 months also we got to talk about the overall movement in the game is so fast and very unrealistic in every weightclass we are not getting gameplay changes in this update that make sense and thats gonna be a problem for future consumers thank you god bless


  • The game can get better but we need the gameplay developer from ufc 3 because he really cared about making a good game
  • They intended the game to be for spammers the stamina and ground game tells it all💯
  • It's too late, have been playing a ufc game every week since ufc undisputed 2009. EA UFC has finally broken me and I've deleted and uninstalled the game. It's actually disgusting to me how badly the new devs have warped this game into a beat em up, smash em, mash em free for all. I can't accept this level of incompetence any more and probably will never touch UFC 4 ever again, the game is purely designed so that people that will never be good at it can knock anyone out by using the best fighters and mashing their buttons.

    I highly doubt I'm the only long time player of over 10 years that has given up entirely..
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