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Judges' score and damage percentage

(JUDGES 'SCORE AND PERCENTAGE OF DAMAGE) A very important feature that you have in real life and relevance was taken from the game, in ufc 3 continues this, where I could see how each round was against opponents and who won each round at the end of the match, being possible to understand who won in a match defined by the judges :(


  • oh wow, wait, they took the score breakdowns out?

    I didn't even consider they might have done that.

  • I just don't get it. WHO HERE asked for a more arcade, less MMA experience in this game?

    Who said "the characters move too realistically, can we make them weirdly fast to satisfy my ADD?"

    Who asked for less detail in scoring, who asked for less detail in damage
  • Also who asked them to tone down the blood and to make the dynamism in regards to where wounds appear less dynamic?
  • Fergrim85
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    Why would it have been so hard to just reuse those parts of the older games that are superior in detail to this one?

    This game is 100% demonstrably, factually and objectively LESS THAN UFC 3. And UFC 3 is demonstrably, objectively and factually LESS THAN UFC 2 in terms of features and detail.

    At least in Madden EA reuses everything nonstop and just updates the roster. But UFC fans, we don't even get that much respect. They actually remove entire modes and replace them with nothing between versions.

    We can't even get invisible cursors on the character selection screen. So now, as it is, it's a god damn mexican stand off every time you want to play an online match because only one person is able to counter pick against the other one.

    AND any created character is inferior to the premade ones by a full star, so even though you're able to use your own created character, you're essentially voluntarily taking on a pretty hefty handicap.

    Then you get into a match and everyone has INFINITE. stamina, and their movement speed is about 300% the realistic rate the older games used.

    Yes, I'll say infinite. Unless you're trying on purpose to blow stamina, I see rose namajunas and other randoms just throwing punches literally the entire first round. Never slowing down and never needing to.

    It used to be the sign of a nub, but now I guess the game is designed for those neophytes. Let them pick it up and have zero learning curve, and let us who love the sport and yearn for a serious simulation of it.. let us go f**** ourselves.

    Like, whoever made this latest version of the game never loved the prior ones. They either didn't play them at all or only played them as the result of being assigned to.

    It makes me wish EA would just sell the rights to these properties to a smaller studio who would be much more enthusiastic about dominating a niche audience rather than greedily never being satisfied unless they had every single possible consumer.

    And to be clear I am not one of those people who is like well that's "ubi/gaijin/rockstar" sucks what do you expect. I LOVE Gaijin and I complain about zero other developers.

    Only EA breaks my heart and also makes me feel like I've somehow been fooled or mistreated.

    I'm a normal college educated nerd. I should be representative of most of their intended audience. I can't imagine Im alone in this legit despair. it may not be the most painful of possible despairs, but the sense of helplessness and abandonment is definitely real as well.
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