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An Open Letter to the Developers on those features most important to your core audience

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And also regarding how you as developers and community ambassadors in contact with developers, may best optimize your relationship with us, of the community. I imagine the purpose of the forum is to foment a sense of community and brand loyalty that is strengthened via taking advantage of this opportunity for communication on the message board.

And it definitely can do that, if you might take a moment to read what I've written and perhaps understand a little bit better where so many of us are coming from.

EA guys, I am striving to avoid hyperbole and to stay civil because I very much respect the work you do.

But I am also pleading for an answer, here. Why is it that each year, we lose so many more features than we gain in terms of those details that pertain particularly to MMA and fans thereof. Details that enhance the simulation aspect of the experience (such as detailed breakdowns of Judge scoring)

One gets the impression that someone in your employ was overcome with an overwhelming certainty that your MMA game was, in fact, too MMA'ish and needed to be made more general.

Core features like the ability to custom design a character, all the major fighting styles, solid relevant/dynamic commentary - the ability to play in and seek individual belts in multiple weight classes in multiplayer with a separate character created for each, detailed judges scorecards, visual bruising and dynamic cuts, incredible ragdoll physics that would take over once someone lost consciousness.

We had all of these things in UFC 2. And since UFC 2, we've either not added anything of merit, or in the more depressing cases, you've actually removed features (One thing worth noting is that the UFC2 commentary did a better job of following the action somehow than current dialogue does).

You have to understand from the outside looking in, it's so absolutely impossible to apply any reasonable logic to this, which is why you get some people going pretty overboard with the anger here on occasion.

But it'd go a long way to not just retaining customers, but earning customer loyalty for life if someone could just speak frankly to the issue.

Whether the answer is something like, smaller budget, lower priority as a result of lower sales - hence both feature trimming and aiming for a wider audience. Or something else that we couldn't possibly guess at. Or is it a matter of different dev teams on the various iterations, each team led via a person with a different vision for the project?

An answer to something as simple as this would go such a long way.

Whatever it is, the truth is a thousand times better than gaslighting us, trying to tell us it's all improvements and additions, in opposition to our own experience, plain and clear as it may be.

The truth, without spin, would at least have me resolved to keep supporting the project - exactly because it's hurting and needs support. Otherwise I'm left with the impression that big corporate entity has all the cash in the world for the project but just doesn't care what we want or valued in the series up to now, and in direct opposition to those features we've enjoyed - we're just not going to be appreciated as much as a wider, more generic group that maybe doesn't care how accurate the simulation is - and just wants another punch and kick game.

I know as customers we're a bunch of overbearing a**holes. But I just ask you hear me in regards to having a little faith that given the unvarnished truth, we may just surprise you with our ability to accept reality and in the depths to which we'd reach to support a project being worked on by folks whom we feel is being direct with us.

I know this was long, but I did my best to use frequent paragraph spacing so as to make it as bearable as possible for those of us with the attention spans to read it all. I hope, if not the entire thing, that at least the sentiment makes it way to whomever it needs to so that we might see some change, if not in the features we see in the future then perhaps, at least, in the way in which we're communicated with going forward.


  • largitup
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    100% agree with this i hope an actual ufc 4 dev sees this and realize 70% of the people who buy these games are real ufc fans. I have ufc 2 3 and 4. Played 30+ hours on each of if not more, and now i only main ufc2. The physics in this game shine like non other, even the leg kicks that knock your opponent to the floor is spectacular. Its the little things that mean the most in these games, like how in ufc 2 punches actually knock players head opposite from where a punch lands to a realistic agree. And to top it off the knockouts are like nun other. One small thing id like to add is you need to have ref interference when there's an obvious knockout that shouldn't be followed up, same with refs breaking up tkos. We do not want some basic fighter game we want a true ufc experience in game form. Id love this in an update but I know how ea works they'd never fix an issue like that in an update they'd wait for ufc 5. Regardless of this all love to the developers i know you guys work hard to keep us happy but these are absolute musts.
  • Fergrim85 wrote: »
    One gets the impression that someone in your employ was overcome with an overwhelming certainty that your MMA game was, in fact, too MMA'ish and needed to be made more general.

    This. I was hoping for an MMA sim, but some dynamics are so skewered to favor powerstriking that the game so much often turns into a spamfest.
  • No answer from them through words or action speaks for itself. EA is saying Kick rocks we got a cool Adesanya mouth update for you!
  • Action Brunson speaks
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