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Thoughts on current game state

Okay longwinded. Bare with me.
Is it so hard to understand that most of us do not want to play online against a 13 year old kids in a leopard masks that wants to spam takedowns/clinches/transitions/ect? I know I speak for the board when I say when purchasing this game did I ever wish it was stripped down and diet Mortal Kombat elements sprinkled in . I am just trying to play an MMA game. Nothing to crazy
The quality of the game when playing online i find to be terrible in dynamic by itself. I stopped playing online years back because even when you do win people would rage quit and would get a DNF or disconnect. It gets old fast when a spammable move spreads through the online community. Its just a really bad place to hedge your bets with mostly Online play. I get its to help focus on users showing off the way overly priced marketplace items intended to be a cash grab towards teenagers and kids. I mean, why even bother making the game at all on mature content if kids are driving the revenue stream and creative direction in general.
Okay, I get it. Its fine all your games have that as a way to increase revenue with minimal effort and I am not even knocking that. I think you guys should be paid, and should be paid for the work and the art of the industry itself. MT's are moving bottom lines and now an industry standard to a certain point. I truly get it, but do you have to focus the entire game around this concept
solely? Are you focusing on the online features to make up for the egregious lack of content in offline?
There is a lot going on all around.
First, the knockouts are so stale and Yawn inspiring. The repetitive nature of it has become boring, the variation is non existent for it to feel fluid. I am confident that after 300 fights I've really seen all the fight mechanics, animations have to offer aside from the occasional humorous glitch. I try to look up a new move to knock a guy out with but can't as my "CAF" has the same 3 generic loadouts. Perfect! The KO's are all the same, flat arcade feel.
The replay camera is the same speeds all the way through. unsensational EVERYTIME. All the work of the fight to show off your artwork and..... its botched by a whack replay or cut off before the combo started and stops before the combination ends. It has been this horrible for ages. Why cant this be adjusted to make the reward of a finish feel good not just meh. EA MMA on Ps3 had way better replays, amongst many, many, many other things.
Please: Compound damage and injury stoppages.
The career mode tailspins off into a boring simulation, the trainer is mostly non existent after a few fights. The career mode has some very generic depth. I think with the training it is solid and headed in the correct direction. That can be expanded on to make a gem.
There is nothing for offline modes. Its make a Tournament/ Event or hit the road jack. these would be Okay ADDITIONS but no way should these be the Only things available. Aside from continued damage, both the tournament and event mode could be simulated in fight now anyhow. So there bring nothing to the table. Where is ....well.... ANYTHiNG? This has to be embarrassing as a developer when somebody opens that offline menu and has that air-in-the-bag-of-chips moment.
@EA_Blueberry I see you say you are trying to focus on the majority of the community and balance the gameplay and add new fixes and features. What balance and what features are you speaking of? What is a reasonable ETA until you can get to fixing the actual game? How is fixing the biggest flaws with CAF not in the "something to do" not a massive priority?
The "Win 5 fights at Welterweight" and "Throw 200 legs strikes". For what? To unlock some ridiculous Pre-fight taunt or an obnoxiously animated shirt? It is a hollow system. This game has NOTHING I want to grind for or unlock.
This game comes across as though it was centralized over microtransactions for teenagers and kids. Overly priced obnoxious gear that really went off the deep end of ridiculous. Why not custom rings, custom orgs, a Pride ring, a Japanese venue, boxing ring, modified rules set, stomps. If we can Stand and bang why the heck cant we have Vale Tudo rules or pride rules? How do you have the gimmick so polished but to not include the meat with the potatoes of what your base is begging for.
Even something like recreate past legendary fights for achievements or predict future events like UFC games have in the past.
Ultimate Fighting Team Camp?? You run this on every sports game you release.
I don't mean to come down on the developers extremely hard as there HAVE been some improvements made in areas and its a pretty thankless job but you bring this backlash on yourselves. The "CAF" is so bad that its almost done on purpose. Did the team not expect blowback on that aspect?

I know I've bit my tongue previously, but How fixing Tim Elliot's beard or Adesanya's mouth before addressing the mountain of other massive issues shows you have accepted failure.

Well Done.


  • On purpose. It feels like they are making it less on purpose I mean we could leave pages upon pages but it’s already clear they dont give duck. pryoxis already busted out one the devs basically saying they don’t care well that was obvious when you all left elbows out of the ground n pound that’s like leaving a jab outta fight night. What’s your all’s favorite color of crayon to eat. Asking For a friend.
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