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How do we want ufc 5 to be like

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Hey ea, you guys probably working on the next ufc game and me as a veteran gamer of ufc games , I'd like to ask you guys to bring back ufc 2 physics and ragdoll knockout it was one of the best things in the series also with some upgrades on the new gameplay system it would be awesome... Haven't you guys seen it yet in the last two titles, one of the first things players complain about is the knockout animations and yet even when you update it, it doesn't fit the game perfectly like ufc 2 bcz the games weren't designed that way, I hope you guys listen to the audience and bring something we all loved and made us having even more fun.
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  • Does it really matter? They are just going to put out the game they want. It took a full year to get ground elbows and semi ragdoll physics. We did get an Action Bronson no one asked for though.
  • Scrpited repetitive game with semi boxing rag doll and with more non-ufc content than ufc content . ( draw , doc stop , current tko , half finish .
    They lost all the strong fan base they grabbed with ufc ea 3 , can’t wait to see how many people will pre order ufc 5 when we know that updates will bring nothing in the futur .
  • UFC 5?? lol.

    Maybe finish 4??

    If EA is making it, nobody is buying that hot turd.
  • How to make EA UFC 5 better than 4. Don't make it anything like UFC 4 and we'll consider buying it.
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