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UFC 4 Fighter Update - 07/08/2021

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A fighter update went live for UFC 4 on July 8th. It is a larger fighter update than normal and includes various gameplay changes/fixes based on community feedback. Here is the full list of gameplay updates:

The addition of Action Bronson to the UFC 4 roster was done via a fighter update and not a traditional patch. This is a situation where his model was previously started and uploaded to the game but never finalized due to a shift in focus to adding licensed UFC fighters. Since the model was pre-existing, we were able to unlock it through a fighter update with minimal resources versus a traditional patch. This also allowed the team to focus their resources on the community requested gameplay updates that were included in today's update (listed below for continuity):

- Fixed issue where body crane kicks could track side lunges.
- Fixed issue in crucifix, that allowed submission entries to override transitions.
- Slightly decreased the strength of the following submissions:
  • Rear Naked Choke from Back Sitting
  • Armbar from Postured Full Mount
  • Armbar from Full Mount
  • Triangle Armbar from Full Mount
  • Armbar from Side Saddle
  • Arm Triangle from Side Saddle
  • North South Choke from North South
  • Windshield Choke from North South
  • Gogoplata from Rubber Guard
- Moderately decreased the strength of the Gogoplata from Full Mount.
- Severely decreased the strength of the Guillotines from the Clinch.

If you have any questions or feedback please leave them below.


  • Dock-Zom
    273 posts Member
    Out of pocket man , like Foreal . I get the submissions and stuff but what about these real problems ?

    16/40 takedowns in a fight 3rd round coming in fresh ? Takedown denials need punishment. I would spam all day too if I knew there’s no punishment for denials ..

    That volume of striking is still weird even tho you guys somewhat fixed the striking stamina idk how there’s still 200+ strikes per round . Like what did you guys do so different from ufc 3 to 4 in the striking stamina to make it that drastic . In ufc 3 if you threw 200+ in a round your done that fight next round . So what did you guys do that messed that system up?

    The ground and pound is still a timed metered event that gives me beat em up arcade tekken vibes . Ufc 3 ground and pound was so simple lol . I feel like you guys are over thinking some things man . Y’all tryna turn mma into something that isn’t mma .
  • @Dock-Zom i agree with most of your points but an issue with takedown defense is also how the defender can literally pop up from a hip toss or a 99% completed takedown like gravity isn't a thing. There should be a cost for take down spam as long as unrealistic takedown defense is addressed.

    The stamina on the feet is something i agree with 100%. It just isn't working and it doesn't pay to be patient or evasive.

    The ground strikes have been an issue since day one.

    The bottom line is that people who truly love and understand mma and try to implement actual gameplans with a developed style are being pushed away from the game.
  • ThCEqUalsHI
    85 posts Member
    edited July 10
    @ea_blueberry will we have to wait tell ufc 5 to use red short poirier
  • this update final for game or will be others with new fighters?
  • iBainZzy
    1 posts New member
    Why did EA monopolize? You said you fixed the animations and physics. Still horrible. Undisputed 3 is still better 10 years later
  • @EA_Blueberry

    the armbar from mount, the triangle armbar, and the side saddle armbar were NOT in need of tuning. I feel like you just made it easier for people with no ground skills. A cop out for the DNFers. There are only two high percentage submissions left now. I have developed a method over 11 months and these tunings negate most of my set ups and execution of joint subs. It is really frustrating to see you change submissions now for the 5th time but the unrealistic volume striking, the block breaks, and the gnp remain untouched.

    The guillotine and other chokes needed to be less powerful and that has been addressed but why touch joint subs? It is just volume striking and block breaks. Even Max himself ripped the current state of the game.

    But hey, action bronson. Lol what a joke.
  • How do you upload your UFC 4 fights to the UFC 4 Club?
  • Update legacy fighters gloves Brock lesnar ufc 178 conor mcgregor rampage Jackson chuck liddell Renan barao BJ Penn Matt hughes johny hendricks Bruce lee Tyson fury Anthony Joshua kimbo slice Dan severn
  • GlassJoeGOAT
    14 posts Member
    edited July 15
    Hey @EA_Blueberry are you ok?

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  • davidef72
    3 posts New member
    add Islam Makhachev
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