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Things wrong with the game

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I’ll list everything wrong with that game .
First , after 4 iteration with a good ps4 engine how the game looks less realistic than ufc 2010 ?
The game is slow , transition are slow , the ground mini game looks like a friendly sparring at gym . Deny no deny , like final fantasy turn per turn .
Why there is no impact on punches on the ground ? It’s like we have two different engines on the stand up and on the ground , you fixed clinch with RPM tech and forgot to add it on the ground , completely useless and disrespectful for the small group of people who buy your unfinished games for years .
Why some positions are fictional ? Knee on belly never happen after a crucifix barrage of punches , no fighter let someone knee on belly them without defend so ufc 3 crucifix ko was more realistic even if that animation was trash .
Why Steve Haynes woke up on 2021 thinking doc stop could possibly be better when you could already add it on offline fights ? Why you don’t listen people for years and still release game . You love when people have no choice and your game . You don’t want to be great you don’t care about that , you think people are stupid , if you made a good game people would hurry and buy it at the maximum price , I personably get it at 35$ instead of 70 .
Why ? Because I’ll never buy full price or pre order a game which is inferior in all term to ufc undisputed 3 develloped on 2011.
I’ll speak for a lot of people I’m pretty sur about that statement but I’ll probably buy ufc 5 15-20$ even if the game is a masterpiece just because of that disrespect all those years .
Action Brunson , action avenue , kumite **** trash venues . No commentator as well , low iq referee , it took 10 years to improve his AI , no draw no doc stop , recycled ko animation from ufc 2 ! , false tko animation , not a lot of current positon , fictional fighters , buggy visuals happening too much , you didn’t listened people who supported you end helped you making the better , you used all the ressources for cosmetics multiples times when we told you that we don’t care about those thing , you waste your time and our time either .
We are not billions to support your game and you don’t add basic things even if it’s your 4th iteration.
Crazy , enough


  • Dock-Zom
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    @EA_Blueberry someone is talking to you sir 😳
  • Im pretty sur the team is changing and they are probably trolling us before getting fired . I have no explanation for that amateur work
    Ko , tko , submission doesn’t look like real life finish .
    You can’t let people who never watch mma fights , who are not expert to make a ufc game .
  • He is busy getting the team to wrap up the Dan hooker shin mole update
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