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Walking forward with high block up

Walk forward high block and speed strike the jab straight combo to either the head or body. The better players mix it up but the stand-up game is really messed at this stage. If it's not people walking forward with the block up it's people running away trying to kick you the whole fight. Any work around for these?


  • THE STAND UP ON UFC 2 IS HORRIBLE . i didnt hear one person complain towards the end of ufc 1 complain about the stand up and honestly thats what attracted me to the game when i poped in ufc 1 and played 1 match i loved it but ive played ufc 2 since it came out and still hate it so i just stopped playing it until they revamp it
  • Then you're done playing it, they're not making anymore patches, they're not changing anything major, if we find a bug they might fix it, but for now the game is what it is until the next one comes out.
  • Just parry og clinch - or choose a more hurting punch when he attacks - it is all about timing -
  • Its double jab with both hands. Hence the speed. High block you say..... Okay hit the body then with a side kick.

    For the guys kick running. Parry the kick and do a leg kick. Keep doing that and he stop.
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    encounter this alot with people. theyll block your first strike then unload with fast straight punches with power maxed. what i do is get really good with movement and circling the cage. never be in a position where your back is against the cage. always circling, always trying to maintain the center. so when they walk forward hands up, i start landing full stamina body kicks or knees to body. land, take a step back to avoid the counter, and decide what my follow up will be (if fence is near my back i just circle again and reestablish distance. if not depending on the then current range, another body kick or knee, go high when he finally starts blocking low). be patient. and after a minute or two of that, youd be surprised how many of those people get frustrated and their one dimensional gameplan goes out the window. land enough body shots, and those strikes wont be coming nearly as fast anymore
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