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Amazing UFC 3 Idea

We all know that UFC 2 is pretty solid, but a couple things need to be fixed: Thai Clinch Auto-KO, solid takedown attempts while rocked etc. But I have an idea that would simulate real life and help out the community of this game:

Online career mode where you can only fight one fight per week. Ranked championship mode still exists. But in my mode you have ur own guy your building up like in offline career in UFC 2. But in this online mode you sign up to fight another user and then you both click 3-5-7 days away to fight. Let's say it's 5 days: For the first 3 days you have to sign in and train ur guy to get the perks and do the drills to improve and buy ur moves etc. (can be simulated). The 4th day the game does a press conference with the guys on stage and reporters will ask two questions to each fighter and your mic turns on after you get asked a question so you can talk some smack to the guy on the other end and you can record it on ur Xbox (can be simulated). Then on the 5th day or whatever you invite the guy to fight like you do to friends in UFC 2, Madden, FIFA etc. Like I said, you can simulate training and the press conference if you both want, but you can search for other users that want to do it by using the filtered search. I just think this would be cool because it would simulate a more realistic type of game and it would make each fight more important. Think online Madden Franchise Mode where it's a week to week thing and you train your players, trade, and so on. Before the fight it'll show the weigh-in on the stage or the walk out and your mics turn on, like the coin flip in Madden. The next UFC game needs to capture the importance of each fight because there are guys that have thousands of fights and just quit when their gimmicks don't work.
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