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Can we please fix the Sway forward Uppercut?

I am tired of hammering a guy for 3/5 rounds, and at some point they go into the desperation mode of literally, whenever I throw anything, just swaying forward and uppercutting. Uppercuts in general are OP as they are, but the sway forward uppercut dodges 90% of strikes for some reason, whether they no collide or not, and then the upper cut is like a HIGH chance of flash KO as the fight goes on, the chance increases. It's so ridiculous to see EVERYONE start resorting to this now.

The finishing the fight aspect is broken **** as it is, with you HAVING to break down the block repeatedly to try KO someone when you rock them, so you HAVE to play the long stamina breaking game, which is fine. But the risk of the sway forward upper cut spam eventually connecting and KOing me is so boring now.

I also cba with the old, dated and OP top grappling game. So don't suggest I justy abuse that too.



  • Agreed.
  • I face three types of people. The ones that only go for sway hooks/sway uppercuts, the ones that go for the top mount, and the ones that love to spam body shots. On a rare occasion I'll face one that does all three. Ridiculous.
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