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UT - Mcregors everwhere

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Notice how most division 4 above in season to ultimate team...99 percent are mcregor..lol
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  • I just got the 5 star Conor and I’ve got him m juiced up like Brock Lesnar for stats and perks but I swear there is some sort of buffer that makes him weaker against lesser opponents.
  • I often run into guys with speed and power in the 80s but they’re waaaaaaay faster and stun you with every second punch. I don’t get it sometimes.
  • compromise
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    That's because he's broke. I've got a silver striker mcgregor and his hooks seem to rock people way more than any other fighter i use

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  • Kristek91
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    Yeah when You see McGregor You can be more then sure that this guy will just spam. Most of them has no idea what to do when theyre on the ground.
  • In General some fighters animations make their punches WAY faster and more powerful. For instance, Conor is also a NIGHTMARE in middleweight. His punches are SO quick and overtake any you throw, and they always rock. There's some hidden stuff going on that devs may or even may not know about themselves.

    Like Rose Namajunas, her punches are RIDICULOUSLY fast, even if you both have 100 Speed, hers are just ungodly and hurt so much cause they land first.

    But yeah, no idea whose bright idea it was to put in a 5 Star McGregor who trashes every other fighter. I don't want to purchase him myself cause I got bored of McGregor vs McGregor in Ranked all day in the last game and this one too. Sick of it now.
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