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WHY do level up packs absolutely Suck?

God I am getting fatigued posting about absolutely absurd issues on this game. Why, why why why why why oh why, are level up packs absolutely terrible? They're seemingly a basic pack, with 1 guaranteed gold? Like, ALL THAT XP, all them levels and they coat the pack up like it's something special. You think at these roadmarks, these landmark ranks, they'd celebrate with a guaraneed gold move at LEAST, or a gold fighter, make your effort worth while.

Like, why are they so poor?


  • Yeah I agree with that one.. I was buzzin when I got the level up pack thinking it was something special.. Pretty disappointed!
  • Kh3ll
    381 posts Member
    After level 500, they don't even fancy them up. They are just premium packs.
    I have mental health disabilities that prevent me from leaving the house. I like to play UFC 3 Ultimate Team, so I do. Probably too much.
  • Wow, my thoughts exactly. I just hit lvl 100 in Single Player UT and what was my reward? a BRONZE fighter...really EA? REALLY? All of that hard work and grinding for NOTHING. Thanks EA.
  • Got a gold fighter from first one lvl 250 now haven't gotten one since
  • Hahah I love that they're just premium packs after. I mean, I guess there's no belt higher than Black, unless you're Dwight Schrute. But again, even still. They decided to stick with the belt system which is fair enough, and it's fair enough you're going to naturally level up over time, so why should you indeed be rewarded for general play time?

    But to have it dressed up and fancy and call it a level up pack, logically you'd think they'd stick in a guaranteed as a well done, and thanks for being one of the few that still play!
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