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UFC 3 by far not there were Undisputed 3 was

I was a bit disappointed of the first EA UFC.
Was by far not there were UFC Undisputed 3 from THQ was. What I read of UFC 2 was not really a step clother to Undisputed 3, I didn’t by it. Now I read a lot of UFC 3, wanted it. Still no pride mode, what was my favorite in Undisputed 3. But the new career mode looked great. Starting in a small promotion winning title there, or go to UFC, or go to TUF first. It end up, in no decision for me! I have to win gia decision or loose - I don’t really know - to get the chance for TUF. In my trys I allways go to UFC directly. And at last no title chance in wfa!
Much better in Undisputed, were I could win at least titles in two weight classes in wfa, before I go to ufc!
In UFC it is just one way, allways the same story! Lame! The Rivalry thing is cool, but not cool enough!
Training is ok. Like it.
But what I expected from the videos was going in the octagon after a fight and challenge the winner! Making a call out after my fight in the octagon, challenging the champ or rival.
Giving respect to the opponent after fight or disrespect him, whatever typ of character your fighter is! Challenging someone at press conference, hyping fight at press conference and weight-ins! We haven’t any of that! We had weigh-ins in Undisputed 3. we had type of in octagon after fight interview. Was not what I expected this time, but far more as we get in ufc3. I thought they understand what it is about. UFC is a lot about the fights, but more about the characters and rivalry. About the things around the fights. A bit like in pro wrestling. Give us that around the fights. We don’t want every career being a lame conor clone, we want making own characters and own rivalrys a really unique thing in every career.
And when we win double title, let us defend both or at last decide in which weightclasses we want stay! In Undisputed 3 we could decide! There were superfights, too.
Please ea next time do it right! We expected a lot more from trailers and get much less as in Undisputed 3. a shame!
And I think around 20 fights is not what we need, when someone gets 12-14 wins by ko in a row, undefeated. Give him a title shot!

A universe mode were we can put in own characters, with a fight score would be great, as well. Booking own cards. Not good nöy event by event, all in a universe mode, having fight nights, ppvs. Real characters mixed with fictional cafs. Champions hold the titles, maybe if he gets injured putting in a interims title.
Would be great.

And at last, bring pride mode back please!
To jump between ufc and pride, maybe strike force and wfa. That would be awesome for career mode! Champ vs Champ fight between ufc champ and pride champ. That game could be so awesome! But it is lame and after 3 trys not were THQs Undisputed 3 was! Play with hat game, play wwe 2k18 as well, put the best from both in a new game!!!!


  • NY32986
    12 posts Member
    I second that, have "create event" but also have "booker mode" to book cards, Fight Nights & PPVs and even have the fictional types like seen in career mode in there
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