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Champion sets

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Hey guys as there I can not find any theme based on title I would like any of yours expirence on this...
So as most people would ask mine question is same - what is the easiest (not the fastest) way to get any champion set done?
Is it by collecting daily tokens and turning them into wildcards (have 1 so far)?
Also is it worth buying gold fighters for set for 250k coins or to spend them on packs and hope that wanted fighters would be in?
So far i am close to GSP and Khabib as I need 2 fighter tokens (tehnically 3 but i will spend at least 1 wildcard token). I was going for Conor but it seems unreachable as only fighter in set I have is Alvarez so far...
Also is turning gold tokens for fighter worth or not? So far managed to do it couple times but got totally random not usable (for sets) fighters... also I was looking if there is stil digital code for champions edition to purchase in europe but no luck there


  • I don't understand the question? Is this english?
  • Oh.. I get it... um... do dailies... get wildcard tokens...
  • Wildcards all the way. You can grind out 2 to 4 daily challenges a day. Need 24 daily tokens for a wildcard I think
  • 40 days away from conor elite card then i guess
  • mwlgd
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    Yep wildcard tokens are the best/fastest way. Definitely not worth it to pay 250-500k for a set fighter unless its the last fighter you need and you really can't wait. Just hope to get lucky when opening packs or redeeming 3 gold tokens for a gold fighter and get a set fighter.
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