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Packs drop rate

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Is there any offical percentage of drop rate for packs? Because for exapmle at FUT I used to get quiet good player cards but here at UFC i mostly get silver and bronze fighters (it is kinda frustrating) as it seems that basic packs are even better than premium packs (you get 2 for price of 1 and same amount of cards) only premium advantage is 1 guaranteed gold card but mostly its either contract or perk wich expires after couple fights and this frustrates me as FUT had those promotions with jumbo premium packs where you would get 24 items all gold and good chance of getting decent cards... all you can get from opening packs is frustration, no fun in it at all... most of time it seems that saving up coins and buying stuff from scouting menu is better than buying 50+ packs and still not getting any usefull fighter. I dont know why dont they release fighter packs in wich you could get lets say 4 bronze fighters and 1 gold for price of 10k or 15k coins. That would maybe bring some joy into opening packs...


  • i used to get more gold fighters in premium packs. havent pulled one in months whereas i used to get at least a couple per week. it's pretty disappointing. ill keep on playing anyway
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